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Pokemon Birthday Game Ideas


Pokemon Birthday Game Ideas

For a Pokemon-themed party, you can combine crafts, activity sheets, and short games and call them “Pokemon Training Events.” Kids (Pokemon Trainers) will have different stations to explore throughout the party. Finally, after completing all Pokemon activities, they receive Pokemon Trainer certifications that make them official Pokemon Trainers. Also Read: Frog Coloring Pages

You can download the Pokemon Trainer Certificate from this page. Below I offer you ideas for Pokemon Birthday Games (draw with it to create a few training stations. I invite you to search your favorite search engine for ideas for manual activities.) There is a lot on offer, for example, Paper Pikachu. For instance, Blood or make your Pokemon!

Throwing the ring with Pokemon Play

Let players “catch” their favorite Pokemon with skill games, including Pokemon-filled animals (or giant statues). You can buy or lend a stuffed animal (or more) to yourself! Plow a series of Pokemon outside, in the hallway, or on the stairs. Provide two plastic rings (one red and one white) that each participant can try to throw at the stuffed animal ten times. Let younger players get close to the Pokemon and consider protecting the ornaments with strips of double-sided tape, so they don’t fall off.

Guess the name of this Pokemon.

Find out which kid knows best the features of this particular universe with this Pokemon game. Please write the name of the Pokemon on small pieces of paper and stick them on the backs of the children. To find the name of their Pokemon, kids should ask themselves questions that can only be answered with yes or no. When the child comes up with a name, give him another card and keep playing. At the end of the game, the children with the most cards win minor prizes. Children who do not know the Pokemon characters can distribute cards or count the points (help them plan small rewards for their participation).


Create your quiz from the Pokemon universe and test players’ knowledge of different characters, attack types, areas, trainers, and more. Form teams, and don’t forget to ask some math or spelling questions for kids unfamiliar with the Pokemon universe (give them a chance to join).

Snow Field: A Research Game

Turn your backyard or living room into a Sinnoh space where kids must find as many Pokémon as possible in a limited time. Provide 10 to 20 small cartoon-type objects and hide them on a couch, under a mat, inside a plant, or behind a bush, depending on where you play your Pokemon game. If two players find the same number of statues, arrange a small match of cartoon questions to decide between them (or reward each).

Ball (game derived from hot potatoes)

Lead the hot potato game Pokemon-themed variations using red and white plastic poke balls. Let kids stand and play Pokemon from one player to the next with Pokemon-themed music. When the music stops, the person holding the ball must sit down. The play renews until only one kid is left standing. Reward the “Best Pokemon Teachers” in the game.

Poke Ball Hunt

Hide poke balls around the house or garden and ask the kids to hunt them down. Make a Pokeball by painting a half ping pong ball or a plastic golf ball with a black ring in the middle red. It doesn’t have to be perfect; kids need to understand it!

A game in Pokemon Colors

Buy “Pokemon” colored balloons, namely red, white, blue, orange, and yellow. Put a Pokemon tattoo (or any other small tattoo) on each. Blow them up and spread them on the playing field. Let the kids spray balloons with their feet. Whoever blocks the maximum number of balloons and collects the maximum number of tattoos wins the game. You don’t need any more gifts for this game. Tattoos (or other chosen little surprises) would be great.

Said said (Jacques derivative game).

It’s a simple game to set up and understand and can be a great way to calm a group of kids. Because of his psychic powers, Sidek always keeps his head in his hands. He has a headache, so hold your head tight and speak in a possibly silly voice like Sidek. At Sidik’s request, the children will work together to cure his headache (throwing pokeballs, acting like a chimpanzee, sleeping like a Snow Lake, flying like an artichoke, spitting fire like a cherry, etc.).

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