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Primary School Uniform Tips – A Complete Checklist


Some people believe school uniform are a complete waste of time (and money) and should be banned. According to others, they increase a sense of community, break down class barriers between students, and contribute to a sense of discipline among students.

Media outlets have been covering the cost of school uniforms a lot. Over 80% of English local authorities do not offer the School Uniform Grant to help parents with clothing costs.

To examine the child’s best sample uniforms, check out Canon Burrows C of E Primary School Uniform.

Don’t buy expensive uniforms

You’ll need a few school jumpers or cardigans from the school supplier, polo shirts, a book bag, and possibly a PE t-shirt if it’s branded.

In a supermarket or other shop, you can buy everything else.

This includes:  

  • Dresses with pinafores, summer dresses, skirts or trousers for girls
  • Trousers or shorts for boys
  • PE trousers / shorts / jumpers
  • Coats
  • Tights / socks

It isn’t necessary to buy branded t-shirts for girls who wear pinafore dresses. Because the logo will be hidden by the clothing anyway.  

Schools often hold second-hand sales where you can pick up branded uniforms pre-owned. So speak to the school office if yours does. You could ask there if anyone has uniforms for sale if you’re a member of a local Facebook group.

Try to buy from sales

At the beginning of summer, many shops hold back-to-school sales (M&S usually does theirs in June). During this time of year, you have the chance to get good deals and avoid the last-minute panic that occurs when the shelves are bare in August or September.

Over the summer, your child is unlikely to grow out of their new uniform. But if you can let them wear a larger size, you might consider buying one. You can also store them in the wardrobe if they are too big for the season.

Buy less expensive shoes

Your daughter or son may NEED those shiny shoes with the Disney characters on them, but if your child is anything like others, they’ll look like roadkill in half a term. The shoes of your child who scoots to school often and uses their shoes for breaks will be scuff within a few days if they are use for this purpose.

Supermarkets offer an affordable range of school shoes, and although you may need to try them on a few times until you find the right fit for your child, they are generally quite comfortable. We recommend Asda for finding affordable school shoes. It is also advise to buy the boots earlier in the summer months since shopping for shoes by the end of August can be an absolute nightmare, and it is unlikely your child’s feet will grow that much in one month.

Go for stain-resistant shirts

Children can be extremely messy, whether playing in the mud, experimenting with paints, or messing with school dinners. The stain-resistant technology makes washing and removing tough stains easier than regular shirts.

Colour choice 

The choice of colour is one of the most significant factors involve with school uniforms. The darker end of the colour spectrum tends to be the most common for school uniforms. Can you explain why this is so? The reason is that darker colours need to be wash less frequently and show dirt less readily.

For example, dark colours like black, navy, maroon, etc., will take a little more wear and tear than lighter colours like white, cream, and yellow simply because the dirt won’t be as visible. 

Darker colours make students look brighter (and less “mucky”) and save the parents time. As they won’t need to wash things twice or three times a week! 

Personalized uniforms

To ensure school safety and identification, you’ll always want to ensure you have personalized school uniforms. Personalized items are not require in all schools. most schools do not wear personalize shoes or trousers/skirts. In general, however, jumpers/sweatshirts and polo shirts are consider standard for personalization. Small logos are typically place on the left or right chest.

Some schools place the logo in the middle of the chest on the sweater. But they put the smaller logo under the polo shirts. You can buy the one that you like.

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