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Gacha Games: A Money Making Technique?

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Gacha game design offers developers a strong monetization model apart from the gameplay. It’s all about opening the package and finding out what it contains. Each pull offers a specific amount of rewards depending on rarity. The player is aware that there is a certain quality to their rewards, despite being random. Gacha mobile games offer a variety of characters and collectible items. Pokemon Masters EX is an example. The player can pull for the iconic characters/Pokemon pairings from anime and previous fun88 games. The user is kept engaged and incentivized not to spend real money, as they have the chance to unlock a special item or character.

Gacha mobile games’ success is due in part to their low entry barrier. Gacha-type games are free to enter and can be reliant on players’ time investment, rather than their money. Randomness and the unboxing of rewards can trigger strong brain reactions, such as dopamine release. This encourages repetition. Gacha game design is a very profitable model. Games such as Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes have generated $1.2 Billion from 78.5 M installs as of January 2021. In June 2021, Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, a newcomer to the App Store, broke through the $100 million mark in its 11 first days. You can use airpods for better quality sound. Did you know why your airpods blinking orange?

Three Examples of Gacha Gaming and their Monetization Models

You can implement gacha mechanics in your mobile game in many ways. These are the top three most-popular gacha games.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s greatest asset is its large and expansive scope. The game design and quality are refreshingly different from other mobile games that are cluttered with microtransactions and outdated gameplay. Genshin Impact’s gacha design uses an in-game currency called Primogems. Primogems can be used to purchase Fate items and speed up your progress towards XP. Players can make a wish by collecting enough Fate items to gain a new character or weapon.

While Primogems can be acquired while you play the game, it takes more time to accumulate enough to fulfill your ‘wishes’. Genshin Impact offers several ways to protect its players’ spending. First, a player can receive pity pulls if he or she has failed to obtain their item. If the player fails to win after a certain number of pulls, they will be awarded pity pulls. Rare items are also available. A number of Genshin Impact summon simulators are available to give players an idea of how likely they are to obtain valuable loot and 5-star characters.

Both players and developers benefit from this because they can get what their hearts desire and are more motivated to spend as much as possible within the gacha system. This is combined with event banners offering limited-time rewards to create a gacha design that is compelling and will grab users’ attention. One other game I would like to mention here is the latest Gacha neon Mod apk from gacha.

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand order saw a remarkable increase in user-spend over the years, from $110.7million in 2015 to last year’s staggering $4 billion in annual player spending. The game revolves around servants, who are responsible for the combat in-game. Fate/Grand Order encourages its players in two ways. First, all servants can be useful to the player, regardless of their rarity. The game is similar to Pokemon Masters EX. It is based on the Fate manga, anime, films, and previous games. The player will be able to get their favorite characters from the series by pulling more from other sources.

The main gacha of the game features servants that players meet. Spend in-game currency to unlock these servants. A 10x summon guarantees at least one four-star card. Fate/Grand Or has limited gachas which have higher drop rates for certain servants. This gives the player a better chance of getting a four-star character or higher. Fate/Grand Or is constantly updated with new campaigns, characters, and in-game areas. This keeps players engaged and gives them an incentive to keep building their party. In February 2021, the game had 23 million downloads. The average player spent $291 on Fate/Grand Order pulls.

Fire Emblem: Heroes

Fire Emblem: Heroes by Nintendo is a turn-based role-playing game. This is a game that takes inspiration from the Fire Emblem series. Players can summon heroes from across the series, and spend in-game currency (orbs), to summon them. These orbs are either earned in-game or can be purchased with real currency. Fire Emblem Heroes encourage players to pull by reducing the cost of orbs from five to three if five fighters are added to your group at once. Each hero is assigned a rating that reflects their rarity.

Three Best Practices for Implementing Gacha Game Design

Gacha elements can be a great way to monetize your game. Gacha mechanics can be used to monetize your game without exploitation of your players, despite of including gambling elements and psychology in video games.

Longevity Boost

Offering value to players is the key to getting them to purchase in-game currency. Keep your game updated with new content and challenges to increase the lifespan of your game. This will increase the likelihood that players will stay and spend real money. You can also offer giveaways to players at events.

Transparency is Key

You can provide transparency to your gacha by revealing the odds of winning specific prizes. A study on gacha in Japan found that players can reduce their in-game spending by increasing the quantity of regular gacha and decreasing the cost of limited-time events gacha. A good gacha will stack the odds well. Players will feel that their effort was worth it if they are able to mix rare rewards with super rare rewards.

Offer Other Ways to Win

Free-to-play players can eventually gain the same powers and abilities as paid players, but without having to make it a full-time gig. This is a less predatory gacha. This is the thin line that only the best gacha games can walk. You can also exchange duplicate prizes for rarer rewards, or offer another mechanism that makes it impossible to regret a pull. 

It is clear that gacha is a part of what makes it so enjoyable. The element of chance and disappointment when you don’t pull the item or character you desire is all part of the experience. This game mechanic must be used in conjunction with protecting players, particularly younger ones. Your player base will grow if you make a game that is compelling and exciting. The game’s lifetime value will be highest for those who believe in its value.

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