Mistakes To Avoid In Social Media Platforms

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In Social Media Platforms


Social media platforms are becoming an integral part of everyone’s life. With technology advancing, more and more people are opting to make their presence in the virtual world, where everything is easy and convenient.

For a Brand social media platform offers plenty of opportunities, it is a huge channel that increases their productivity as well as their reach. If you know the precise way to handle it, to use it as a weapon for your brand, it can prove to be a worthy acquaintance that can take your brand to a higher level than you can imagine.

However, when it comes to social media marketing strategies, many brands make mistakes. After all, humans tend to make mistakes, and they can learn only through these mistakes.

However, if you know beforehand about a few common mistakes, there is a huge chance that you are likely to avoid them when applying social media marketing strategies to your business.

So, to help you make the right choice, this article will provide you with some common social media mistakes that you can avoid confronting while having a higher chance of increasing your brand’s reputation, productivity, and efficiency. So let’s take a look at these common social media mistakes to avoid.

Go after Quality over Quantity

One common mistake that most brands tend to make is posting too often without caring about the quality of their post. Posting too many posts a day can cause your followers to unfollow you since your posts will be crowding their newsfeed. You should remember that your followers are not solely devoted to your brand. They have other preferences as well. Posting a single post every day is enough to maintain the quality of your post.

Furthermore, make sure to check the analytics to get a better understanding of what timing is best for you to air your post. See the maximum engagement and make a note of the time to post only at that certain time. You should also create a content calendar, so you will be ready before your posting date, with what to post and when to post, which will enable you to maintain an orderly presence on social media.

Focus only on the Right Audience

The right audience is extremely necessary. For example, you are providing a service that helps only middle-aged men and women. But, you are interacting with teenagers. It is not likely to help you with increasing sales. Right? Likewise, using the wrong Hashtags will also result in reaching the wrong audiences.

By targeting the right audiences you will not only increase the reach of your brand but also be increasing the chances of targeting more accurate audiences in the future. Use hashtags that suit your brand and make the content that matches what you are offering.

Talking too much about Promotion and Sales

While making posts most of the brands forget that the audiences aren’t likely to stick to a single flavor. You have to make things more entertaining. By making posts only about promotion and sales, you are likely to bore your audiences. To keep them engaged with you, try different things.

Make a video about how a  product can help the audience at the end of the video add a call to action line and post it on your story. You can also make things more creative by adding a little humor to your posts. Good humor is enough to pique the interest of your audience.

Use simple yet creative ideas to curate your posts. Don’t just stick to the fundamental idea of making sales. The more persistent you are with your sales talk to the Audience, you are to have less chance of winning the trust of your audience. Since consumer trust and feeling of reliability is what will take you to the bigger picture.

Everything is not centered around you

Nowadays, most brands keep their posts with us, for us, and from us. Avoid using these phrases. Yes, sometimes you can use them. But not every time. For instance, how would you feel when the person you are hanging with likes to talk only about themselves! You are likely to get bored and you will try to get away from them as soon as possible. Right? Likewise, making everything about you is not the trick to excelling in social media marketing.

You will have to keep your consumer’s interest before you. You would have to speak the language of your audience along with the facts about what they want to hear from you. When you change these small things and concentrate more on behalf of your audience, you are likely to face the market. by doing so you are allowing the audiences to have trust in your products or services.

Make a Social Media Policy

Not having a social media policy for your business can result in possible damage to your brand’s reputation. Make a code of conduct and make sure your employees follow it whenever they post something business relevant on your brand’s account. Most of the policies consider sexist, misogynistic, racist, offensive, defamatory, sexually suggestive, etc as off-limits.

By following your social media policy, you will be able to keep a positive presence on social media while minimizing the risks of confronting any risks. Also make sure to keep the credentials of the accounts only with a trustworthy person, and keep changing them constantly. Since a misappropriate post can cause you immense loss.


By avoiding these problems mentioned above, you will be able to maximize your chances of getting more audience and improving your brand image.

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