What Is Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Treatment, And How Its Work?

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Have you noticed the hair thinning on your head for the first time? If yes, it could be upsetting for you to see your hair getting weaker and thinner. However, the problem is known as genetic hair loss, and it can reach complete hair loss. But you can prevent such a situation by acting fast during the initial hair loss stage. Platelet rich plasma hair treatment can help you out with this regard. It is a renowned hair loss solution that delivers a high success rate to individuals. This treatment is completely non-surgical and applies to both males and females. As a newbie, you must know more about this treatment and its works. So, read this post to the end discreetly.

PRP therapy

PRP or Platelet-rich plasma is the same term used for this intuitive hair loss treatment. It comprises the use of rich blood plasma that is inserted into the scalp with proper dosage measurement. A specialized hair surgeon can provide you with plasma shots on the scalp using a syringe and needle. However, the procedure is not scary as it seems. You will get the plasma inserted without any discomfort by a skillful hair surgeon. You can avail of PRP treatment in Palm Desert from a board-certified surgeon. This would certainly help you to eradicate hair loss problems from an expert. The plasma inserted into your scalp will act as a collagen booster. Thus, your hair follicles will get a proper blood flow, and new cells will be formed. Consequently, the natural growth of hairs will occur to reduce hair thinning and bald spots.

How is PRP performed?

PRP is a non-invasive treatment to alleviate hair loss flaws. So, there is no special preparation required before this treatment. You simply need to visit your doctor’s clinic on the day of the PRP session. However, you must have a healthy meal during the day because your blood will be extracted. The surgeon will draw blood from your arm to get plasma for insertion into the scalp. So, your blood will be used during platelet-rich plasma hair treatment. The surgeon uses it to separate plasma and inject it into your scalp after applying local anesthesia. Plasma injected into your scalp will work to repair the damaged cells. It has growth factors that can rejuvenate the cells to stimulate the growth of hairs. Thus, growth factors promote collagen formation and enrich your hairs to grow with thickness.

Is PRP a beneficial treatment

PRP is a proven remedy for hair growth to reduce the impact of male and female pattern baldness. Research has stated that collagen formation in the scalp can trigger hair follicles. This turns the thin hairs on the scalp into thick hair growth. So, the hair density improves, and you can achieve the expected results. However, there are several factors that can influence the results of PRP. Overall, it is a beneficial treatment to augment natural hair growth. You can undergo PRP treatment in Palm Desert if:

You are suffering from androgenic alopecia. It is an effective treatment for this hair loss problem. You can attain PRP results regardless of your gender, as it is useful for men and women. However, women tend to receive less benefit since they can lose hair due to other medical factors.

  • PRP is a viable solution for people that ranges between the age of 18 to 72 years. This treatment can even work for older adults.
  • High stress can also cause hair loss which is related to Telogen Effluvium. PRP can also work to treat this condition if it is not at the critical level.
  • You can get effective results from PRP if hair loss occurs recently. PRP can save you from losing hairs on the head with complete baldness.
  • PRP is a boon for you if you have thin hairs on the head but are not suffering from baldness.

Is PRP effective?

Well, PRP is a helpful hair loss solution for people seeking advantage of hair growth. But this treatment might not be helpful for everyone as per research. PRP might not work as per expectations for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. Those who have thyroid imbalances would also not get full advantage of this treatment. Other treatments can derive fruitful results, such as hair transplants. So, one should consult with the hair surgeon before undergoing PRP.

To sum up

Platelet rich plasma hair treatment is a safe, painless, and effective hair loss solution. It works by rejuvenating the cells beneath the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Your blood will be used for this treatment, so the risk of infection is almost nil. It can promote the thick growth of hairs, and you can seek results even after one session. However, you may have to repeat the session once a year to maintain PRP results.

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