Everything That You Need To Know About Dewata 12 JKT Com!



There are several things that you must know about Dewata, a forum website based in Indonesia. These include the Founder, Logo, and Date of foundation. Here’s a look at what you need to know to join this community. Also, we’ll go over the various types of membership. Let’s get started. Dewata was founded in 2021. The owner started this forum with no Facebook page. It was renamed to Capjikia arwana 12 Jitu & HKG a year later. The group has at least 6,035 members, but it’s unclear what its purpose is.


There are no Facebook pages or other social media accounts for the Dewata website, so there is no way to find out who the people are who belong to this group. The owner of the website started a group on August 7, 2020, and it was originally called Capjikia arwana 12 Jitu & HKG. The name was changed after a year, and the group now has around 6,035 members. It is unknown exactly what the purpose of the group is.

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The Founder of Dewata 12 JKT Com is still unknown, despite a large number of members. He did not post an official bio on his Facebook page, nor did he mention where he obtained the website’s URL. The website itself is relatively new, as it was founded on 10 February 2021, but its Facebook page does not have any information on it. The website is still under investigation by the police, though.


You might have heard of the Facebook group Capjikia devata 12 Jitu & HKG. This Facebook group is related to Dewata and was founded in February 2021. However, the purpose of this page remains unknown. Among its members are over 6,035 people. The owner of the page is not very clear. If you’d like to learn more about Dewata, keep reading.

Date of foundation

The Dewata website was first registered on 10 February 2021, but it has not yet published a Facebook page. The website’s owner started a group on August 7, 2020, and changed its name to Capjikia devata 12 Jitu & HKG a year later. There are now 6,035 members, but its purpose remains unknown. Despite its existence, it remains difficult to determine whether the group is actually a scam.

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