Waterproof Flooring Options For Bathroom

5 Best Waterproof Flooring Options For Bathroom

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If you want a luxurious bathing experience, here are some waterproof flooring options for bathroom. Waterproof, stone flooring is the perfect choice and can also add elegance and style to any bathroom. When selecting a stone, however, be sure to choose a high-quality material that won’t stain easily or discolor. Make sure to seal stone flooring, as it can become permanently stained without protection. Also, the stone is more porous than tile, making it more likely to be stained.

Different Types Of Waterproof Flooring For Bathrooms

Choosing the right flooring for your bathroom is critical – it must fit the theme of your home and stand up to humidity and water. Here are some flooring options for your bathroom. We make sure that this information will help you to choose the best flooring for your bathrooms.

1. Cork flooring

If you’re considering cork flooring as a waterproof flooring option for your bathroom, you’ll be happy to know that it will last for at least a decade. Although the flooring is soft and durable, it is susceptible to fading after a decade, which can be easily repaired. Even with these benefits, cork flooring in the bathroom is not a perfect choice for everyone. There are some things to consider before installing cork flooring, though.

When installing cork flooring, follow manufacturer instructions for maintaining the material. Some flooring types, like wood-look cork, should be recoated every three to 10 years. If you choose this option, however, be sure to acclimate the flooring material to its new environment. Make sure to clean it regularly, and make sure to use an oil-free wood-floor cleaner. A little bit of water can also go a long way.

2. Vinyl sheet flooring

When looking for waterproof flooring options for bathrooms, vinyl plank flooring is the best choice. It is both water-resistant and affordable. Its warm feel is also attractive and comfortable, and it is much cheaper than luxury vinyl tile. Compared to other materials, it can withstand high moisture levels, and it also looks good in the bathroom. You should also consider its durability. These pros make vinyl plank the perfect choice for a bathroom.

Another waterproof flooring option for bathrooms is vinyl sheet flooring. This material comes in large rolls with no seams, making it an excellent choice for wet environments like the bathroom. Since sheet vinyl is waterproof, there are no seams, and it looks great in small rooms. Vinyl sheet flooring can be installed in several ways, including fully glued down, bonded at the perimeter, or floated over an underlayment. While vinyl sheet flooring for bathrooms is slightly more expensive than tile, it is well worth the extra money.

3. Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl sheet is one of the easiest types of flooring to install in a bathroom. Luxury vinyl plank is another option that looks luxurious but is also easy to maintain. When properly installed and cared for, vinyl can last up to 15 years. A luxury vinyl sheet costs around $1,000 to $2,000 for approximately 70 square feet. Compared to glazed ceramic tile, which can be extremely slippery, textured porcelain tile is a safe choice for bathrooms.

LVT flooring offers an authentic wood look while still being waterproof. For a wood look, choose Fauna Prescott, which features light tones and dark brown knots and grains. Similarly, Charcoal Oak Wilmont features greiges and greys and accentuates the wood grain and natural grain patterns. Waterproof flooring is a great choice for bathrooms due to its many benefits. A bathroom can be an inviting and relaxing space, so it makes sense to choose a luxurious option.

4. Hardwood

If you are remodeling your bathroom, you can choose to install hardwood flooring. This material is both durable and beautiful. The benefits of this type of flooring include its ability to resist moisture and withstand constant soaking. Waterproof hardwood doesn’t require additional sanding, sealing, or refinishing, which makes it a great choice for bathrooms. If you are unsure of which type of hardwood to choose for your bathroom, read on to learn more about your options.

5. Engineered wood

Engineered wood flooring

In bathrooms, real wood is not a good choice for floors. It is prone to warping and swelling and must be fully sealed. Engineered wood, on the other hand, is more dimensionally stable and is the perfect option for bathrooms. In addition to its beauty, it is highly durable and can be installed in areas that solid wood cannot. This article will highlight the benefits of engineered wood in bathrooms.

The advantages of installing this type of flooring include easy installation and durability. Unlike other flooring materials, engineered wood is water-resistant. It is manufactured with a thin hardwood layer on top of a high-performance base layer of HDF or plywood. However, not all engineered wood is waterproof. Some types of engineered wood can be cleaned and refinished to maintain their appearance and durability. Luckily, there are manufacturers who offer waterproof engineered wood.

To Sum Up!

These floorings are a great option for people who want the best bathroom flooring options. They are scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial, and extremely durable. In addition to their eco-friendliness, these floorings are also affordable and look great on any type of floor, and are easy to install.

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