Pro Tips for Deciding On a Memorable and Compelling Brand Name


The right brand name is important because it conveys who you are to your potential customers. While deciding on a brand name may seem simple. It is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs setting up a new venture. The brand name assumes critical importance. Because when you get it right, marketing your products and service becomes easier. And you can establish a connection with your target audience better. Potential customers also find it easier to figure out what you do. Remember your name for looking up online, recommend it to others, and decide in your favor when buying. Some essential considerations for deciding on a brand name:

Make the Brand Name Simple

Many entrepreneurs get tempted to demonstrate their cleverness by thinking of convoluted and complex brand names. You should, instead, focus on identifying a brand name that is relevant to your business niche, relatable to the audience, and easy to remember. The strongest and simplest brand names are one-word, but you can go up to two words if you cannot think of a suitable one-word brand name. However, you must avoid names more than two words as long names complicate everything from product packaging to advertising and domain names, among others. A study reveals that customers also tend to trust simple brand names more.

Before you even start to contemplate a name for your image, it’s basic to recognize, as definitively as could be expected, the qualities of the best client for your image’s items or administrations.


In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea who you’re making your image for, then you won’t ever track down a convincing name.


Characterizing your objective client will come up while you’re making your promoting and business systems as well, so it’s definitely worth the work. It’s simply that a ton of new companies can be enticed to characterize their image name. Immediately – before they’ve figured out these subtleties.

The formation of successful brand symbols is, somewhat, an instinctive and inventive approach, however involving hard information too is significant.

Web instruments, for example, Alexa can give huge segment data about guests to contenders’ sites, including, age, orientation, and area.

Taking a gander at contenders’ Facebook Pages and Twitter records can likewise give some valuable “delicate”. insight about their client base and internet following. From these sources, you ought to have the option to effortlessly develop. A reasonable image of the client your image is focusing on.

Sure – think of a functioning title. Yet, don’t conclusively set your image name until you’re certain. It will engage your interest group and mirror your image values.

Focus On Memorability

A memorable brand name makes it easy for potential customers to search for you and recommend your business to others. The importance of a memorable brand name in a retail environment is more critical. Because you are fighting with many other competing brands on the shelves. For brand name memorability, it should mean something positive to customers. It should also have an emotional connection with them. If you are buying brand names for sale, they should be unique so they stand out in the sea of competing products while identifying the business niche to customers.

Consider Future Growth 

If you decide on a brand name that focuses only on a narrow business niche, it may be perfect in the short term, but you could find yourself restricted and unable to expand your business activities, says a report in Forbes. For example, if you sell chicken and incorporate the term in the brand name. You will find it impossible to expand your product range and sell other meat products. While rebranding is possible, it is expensive, and you will lose all the goodwill you have earned. You will lose out on online search visibility due to the loss of SEO authority.


After generating a list of potential brand names, you should invite feedback from Brand Marketing. To ensure it is watertight and does not have any negative connotations in the markets you will operate in. Moreover, you should find out if the name is available for registration and incorporation. Conducting an online search for the targeted brand name will reveal if it is in use by someone else. You should also do a trademark search on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. And check the state Department of Corporations registry

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