Roman Blinds Vs Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds Vs. Roller Blinds – The Better Choice For You

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There is a dire need for immense care at the time of creating a comparison between roman and roller blinds. These blinds give an extraordinary appearance and feel to your room. Slats are used in the making of these blinds that are adhered to at the back of the fabric. 

Both sorts of blinds have the ability to work in a similar way, but the differences in their features can assist you in the selection of a better choice. A man can not select both items simultaneously. So, this article is going to provide a complete analysis of the Roller and Roman Blinds Dubai that have the capability of assisting you in this regard.

Roman Blinds Vs Roller Blinds: Attributes Comparison Analysis


Both roman and roller blinds can provide you with privacy in residential and commercial places. Roman blinds are the best source for the provision of privacy because they are completely lined and present shading in the room. Resultantly, outside cannot come into your room without your permission.


Similarly, roller blinds are known as a fantastic tactic to increase the privacy of your room. Although these cannot be tilted easily, they can decrease the inner visibility of your room. So, if you want to completely darken your room, then black-out roller blinds may be the best option.

Insulating Ability

Insulating properties can be obtained from both roman and roller blinds. Roman blinds are not only the best insulators but can also present the classical look of your locality. Layers of fabrics are attached to each other to help manage the inner temperature in every weather condition. To get the most effective outcomes, select the thick fabrics of your roman blinds.


On the other hand, roller blinds also have the best insulating features because of the use of thermal-backed blackout blinds. As a result, warmth is created in your room in the winter and coldness is created in your room in the summer. You can save your finances that are spent on paying high electricity bills.

Pricing Plans

Every type has different pricing plans for roman and roller blinds, but if the overall analysis is presented, the pricing plans for roller blinds are higher than those for roman blinds. You have to pay $40-$100 for one piece of roman blinds. Similarly, you have to spend $40-$150 to purchase one item of roller blinds. Its selection depends upon your financial range.


Roman blinds have sophisticated features. That’s why they always present a soft look instead of having any colour. In these options of colours, cream, beige, and grey have excelled in the matter of popularity. These give a glorious shade to the windows of your room.


On the other hand, when you opt for the complete sophistication of your room, roller blinds are the best choice. This sophistication is maintained even in motorized roller blinds.

Aesthetic View

Roman blinds can add style to your room and are therefore preferred for window treatments. You can use these as a wall recess, or a beautification frame or they can be pasted on the window frames also.


On the other hand, the best pro of installing roller blinds is its reflection of aesthetic value. For this purpose, you must carefully select the colours and designs of roller blinds.


As far as the maintenance of roman and roller blinds is concerned, there is also a difference. Roller blinds can be cleaned easily as compared to Roman blinds. This can be cleaned easily with a wet canvas without getting any sort of stains.


The maintenance of roman blinds is a tricky task. For this purpose, you need a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. With these tools, care is also vital because there is more chance of spillage on the fabric of your blinds.


Roller blinds are the best source for the safety of your home. When an unknown individual influx into your house, they create a voice due to their tilt. You become alert and can save your home from a major loss. The roman shades cannot produce the same level of voice. So, roller blinds look like a better option in this regard.

Light Management

A light management difference also exists between roman and roller blinds. Both have slats, but roman blinds can create lightning in your room with their complete folding or slat by slat folding. You can enjoy the ease in this matter of installing roller blinds. The slats of these blinds can be easily managed to control the outside light coming into your place.


To cut a long story into short, roman blinds and roller blinds have their worth in their places. You have to select the best one at the time of selection.


Both have differences in light management, the safety of the locality, maintenance, aesthetic view, sophistication, pricing plans, insulating ability, and many others. By considering this difference, you can easily select a roman or roller blind for your place.

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