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Are you interested in learning more about Cerdas UIR? Read the Frequently Asked Questions below. We’ll answer your questions and show you how to use Cerdas UIR to your full advantage. In the meantime, you can find answers to common questions here:

How to use Cerdas UIR

If you want to study in Riau, you can use CERDAS, or Center of E-learning and also Education for Students. Developed by Nestle, this software is used by students and also staff at UIR to find and learn about topics related to education. The website also has a video tutorial, which you can watch to learn how to use the system. Learn how to use Cerdas UIR to improve your academic performance.


The new UIR e-learning system, Cerdas, will be implemented by Lembaga Simfokom in April 2020. The advantages of Cerdas over other e-learning systems include a limited set of features and also fewer limitations. The UIR lembaga mutu will also find it easier to monitor the system, compared to other systems. For more information, read the following FAQs:

To find articles in the database, use the Advanced Search function. You can specify keywords, authors and year of publication. You can view article titles online or download them as PDF files. Full-text articles may be available for a fee. If you have trouble navigating the database, check out the video tutorials. They can show you how to use the system and get you started quickly. You can also watch online tutorial videos to learn more.

Aplikasi Cerdas Universitas Islam Riau – SIKAD

If you want to learn more about the Aplikasi Cerdas (Center for E-Learning and Educational for Students), you should read this article. In this article, you will learn about the integration with SIKAD (System Informasi Akademik) and how to use it. Here, you will find information about the IP address ranges of Universitas Islam Riau, Cerdas, and other related information.

Aplikasi Cerdas (Center of E-Learning and Educational for Students)

A student may feel more socially isolated if he/she uses e-learning. The online environment does not provide any face-to-face interaction, but does provide online classrooms, free Wi-Fi, and assessment. In addition, students can share their answers without anyone being able to see them. However, the downside of e-learning is that it can be very time-consuming.

In Indonesia, Universitas Islam Riau (UIR) is launching a web-based system called Aplikasi Cerdas, which stands for Center of E-Learning and Educational for Students. This system is a web-based solution for the Pandemi Covid-19 examination. In addition, the UIR lembaga mutu can easily monitor the quality of students’ work.

Integrasi dengan SIKAD (System Informasi Akademik)

Integrasi dengan SIKAD, System Informasi Kembangan, dan Dilibag Daerah, dibuat dari al-Attas dalam buku teologi Kristen Barat. Al-Attas berpengaruh terma ta’dib ketimbang kepada lain.

System informasi, akademi, dan kewangan adalah, is one of the most popular software programs used in education. It’s a comprehensive educational system that stores data, manipulates information, and provides personalized learning experiences. It also enables the integration of multiple systems into one process. The benefits of this system are enormous.

Terintegrasi dengan SIKAD

The study aims to compare the values and personal characteristics of university students. The method mainly includes questionnaires. The research was conduct by combining personal interview methods with survey data. It was then analysic to determine the impact of the survey on the student’s attitude towards learn. Its results have been compared to other study methods.

Smart card also has read-only memory and aritmatika functions, allow it to be use to organize files and run programs. In addition, it supports public-key cryptography, key generation, and dekription. This technology also enables users to generate and store their own public-keys, which is crucial for maintaining security.


You can search for articles in the database by using the Advanced Search feature. You can enter keywords, authors, and year of publication to find articles based on your criteria. Once you have found articles of interest, you can view them online or download them as PDF files. If you want to read the full-text article, you may have to pay for it. You can find a video tutorial that explains the usage of the database.


A great example is the pemasaran digital (DI) strategy, which is a form of online marketing. In this technique, you identify a product, a distribution channel, a content strategy, and also a distribution model. Then, you identify the urutan (content) of the campaign. Once you’ve identified these three components, you’re ready to launch your digital marketing campaign.



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