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What is E-Learning UINSU?


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What is E-Learning and How is it Implemented at UINSU?

You may be wondering what E-Learning is and why it is essential to implement it in your education. This article will explore E-Learning, its benefits, and how it is implemented in your university. You will learn about Formative assessment and the quality of learning it can contribute to your students’ development. In addition, you will discover the benefits of E-Learning in Islamic education. Let’s get started! Here are some of the main benefits of E-Learning in Islamic education.


There were five main challenges that had to be overcome in the process of e-learning. These include the technological infrastructure, digital content, individual constraints, and financial support. However, all five were overcome by the participants. The next step is to improve the learning facilities. To achieve this, the decision-makers at UINSU should conduct a detailed study and design. To enhance the impact of E-Learning, the university should implement policies and practices that will encourage and support the use of e-learning.

This study aimed to determine the impact of E-learning on students’ learning quality. It collected data from 83 respondents. Data analysis was done using simple linear regression and descriptive statistics. The findings of the test showed that the tcount was significantly higher than the ttable, and the level of significance was 0.000.

Formative assessment

The use of formative assessment is crucial for online learning, since it helps learners determine whether they have understood concepts and are making progress. It also encourages critical thinking, active learning, and self-awareness. The process of formative assessment is also important because it allows learners to reflect on their work and identify areas of improvement. It helps in the development of learning habits and serves as a welcome break from the monotony of learning.

Formative assessment helps teachers and students determine how learners are progressing through the process. It can include simple exercises or a “data binder” where students can keep track of their learning process and set goals. In addition to these tests, formative assessment can also involve other learning activities, such as a journal or a learning portfolio. Students can also create a list of vocabulary words to learn, a writing outline, or a science experiment to evaluate a concept.


The implementation of e-learning has several benefits, and has been implemented successfully in many university settings. In this article, Habibi, Ali shares her experiences and lessons learned from implementing e-learning at UINSU. In addition to e-learning, she outlines her own research on e-learning. It is important to note that the implementation of e-learning requires a wide variety of factors, including content development, technology, and financial support.

Despite the numerous benefits of e-learning, there are some challenges. For instance, lecturers still use traditional methods of teaching, such as textbooks, which are not very effective and can lead to poor assignments. This can cause problems when it comes to the quality of assignments. In this regard, the SIPDA program, which promotes e-learning, supports the assignment process and enables students to complete integrated character assessments. The study also finds the results of e-learning, as well as the supporting and inhibiting factors that affect e-learning implementation.

Impact on the quality of learning

The quality of learning must be based on a concept, technical skills and humane skills. The UINSU E-Learning web has helped students to learn anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it facilitates direct assessment and data collection. The researchers also visited two libraries at different times, without offering any incentives. As the result, the participants considered the availability of information resources adequate. The perceived value of the resources is also within the tolerance range and above the minimum expectation.

After reviewing the questionnaires, the research team determined which E-learning courses had the most impact on the participants. They chose those based on two criteria: those who had experience with E-learning for over a year and those with good speaking and writing skills. The results showed that the study significantly improved student learning in terms of content and methodology. The UINSU E-Learning course surpassed expectations of the students.

Policy implications

The researchers assessed the user experiences of the e-learning system of the University of the Philippines, or UINSU. However, they found room for improvement. To understand the impact of these factors on users, the researchers compared the performance of the existing e-learning system with the UINSU library.

The study found that the library was not meeting user expectations in terms of its service quality and user experience. Despite the improvement in service quality, some challenges remain. For example, English language proficiency is not a common skill in LDCs, while technical resources and infrastructure are not adequate. However, the benefits of e-learning far outweigh these challenges, and the researchers recommend measures to overcome these limitations.

Final Words:

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