Five Custom Essential Oil Packaging That Will Actually Make Your Life Better


There are many benefits to choosing glass over plastic for your essential oil packaging. Amber and green bottles protect against UV rays, while tinny glass bottles are good for light and UV protection. You may even want to consider using both. Glass bottles are the most popular choice for packaging essential oils, and are environmentally friendly and are also ideal for travel. However, there are many other reasons to choose glass.

Green bottles offer UV protection

Unlike the clear version, green wine bottles are protected against the harmful UV rays of the sun. In fact, three hours of sun exposure can damage clear bottles while only eight hours is enough for green bottles to break. That means you need to take extra care when storing your bottles. To avoid such a problem, you should always buy a bottle with UV protection. Luckily, there are several options for you.

Champagne Green: This is the classical green used for champagne and other high-end wines from the Champagne region. It is a tradition dating back to centuries. Because of its color, it offers reasonable UV protection. The color is often associated with famous champagne wines and is also called Dead-Leaf Green. This is the traditional color used for French Bordeaux-style wines. Hence, the next time you open a bottle of wine, pick one with UV protection.

Amber glass bottles offer light protection

Amber glass bottles provide many benefits for essential oil boxes packaging. The tint is often mistaken for aesthetic appeal, but it actually has a practical purpose as a protective barrier. Light interacts differently with different chemicals, making it easy for the wrong molecules to react and ruin the product. These harmful reactions are known as photooxidation, and amber glass filters out harmful wavelengths of light, including the blue and UV rays.

When used as packaging, amber glass offers an excellent protection from sunlight. In fact, amber glass prevents photochemical reactions, which can cause a beer odor. Beer contains numerous chemical components that react to light. During this process, the beer’s volatile substances change into excited states and cause a skunk-like odor. As a result, amber glass offers light protection for essential oils.

Tiny glass bottles offer light protection

Compared to clear glass, tiny glass bottles offer more protection from light. Amber-colored glass blocks more UV rays and helps filter visible light, which are detrimental to essential oils. Tiny glass bottles are the best choice for essential oil packaging because they prevent light from interacting with essential oils. Amber-colored glass is ideal for essential oils that oxidize and must be used quickly. Tiny glass bottles are also more affordable than clear ones.

Despite their potency, essential oils are sensitive to light. Plastic bottles can break down over time, making the oils less potent or going bad faster. Tiny glass bottles offer light protection while still preserving their flavor and aroma. The most common essential oil bottle is the dram bottle, which has a hole in the top for easy dispense. This small bottle allows for a higher concentration of oil, which is essential for enhancing the effectiveness of custom essential oil boxes.

Glass bottles offer UV protection

Most glass bottles are made of amber glass, but some are also made of violet glass. The violet color of these bottles selectively allows light from the ultraviolet spectrum to pass through. This allows them to provide UV protection for the contents inside. UV light is harmful to the human body because it speeds up the aging process and causes skin cancer. The color of the glass also affects how the light reaches the contents inside.

There are many benefits to using glass bottles for your perishable products. UV glass filters out at least 25 percent of the light that is harmful to our health. In addition to blocking harmful light, UV glass bottles help preserve your food’s taste and freshness by allowing beneficial UV light to pass through. Light is the key to the reproduction of life, and UV protection can extend the life of perishable goods.

Plastic bottles offer light protection

Using plastic bottles is a great way to protect your belongings from harmful UV rays, but many people don’t realize that they can also help the environment. One study found that, if you recycle them 100 percent, they will actually cut CO2 emissions by 27 percent. The same study showed that, if you use plastic bottles for light protection, they will actually make your life better!

If you’re considering getting a bottle for a gift, there are several things to consider, including aesthetic and lifestyle factors. Most bottles are make of plastic, but some plastics are more durable than others. For example, a glass bottle is prone to breakage and scratching over time. Besides that, light exposure can cause chemicals to leach out and make your life worse. And if you’re looking for light protection for your children, a plastic bottle will make their lives better.

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