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If you are looking for a great hotel in Cilincing, then you have come to the right place. This article will discuss where Jalan Tol Cibitung – Cilincing is and what you can expect when you stay there. We will also tell you about the Nearby Landmarks and the Address of Parikesit99. Here, we will give you the most essential information you need to know.

Jalan Tol Cibitung – Cilincing

The road that connects Telaga Asih and Cilincing, also known as Jalan Tol Cibitung, is now open for public use. The road is part of the resmi system of the city. The resmi system involves various levels of the local community. Some of these levels are higher than others. A local resident will likely have a good sense of where to get a resmi.

popular tourist destination

Located near the Telaga Asih area, Jalan Tol Cibitung is a popular spot for locals and visitors to the city. It is made up of four seks – Tol Cibitung, Simpang Susun Cibitung, Telaga Asih, and Simpang Susun Cibitung. Listed as one of the most scenic places in Parikesit, the road is a popular tourist destination.

Tol Cibitung – Cililing in Parikesit99 has excellent transportation links. The street connects Tanjung Priok and Cikarang, and provides a good dukungan for mobile traffic, commuting, and logistics. During the day, it is possible to take a taxi from here to Cikarang.

The Mythology of Parikshit in Indonesia

Parikshit was the ruler of Kuru state during the Middle Vedic period. Together with his son Janamejaya, he played a decisive role in the confederation of Kuru state and in the arrangement of its borders. Parikshit’s reign also saw the rise of Hinduism in the area. The emergence of a state in this part of Indonesia is a testament to the ancient importance of Kuru.

Dieng Volcanic Complex

The Dieng Volcanic Complex in Parikeasit, Indonesia, has two main components. First, the Dieng volcano is an eruptive site, and it was formed by two overlapping stratovolcanoes: Butak Petarangan and Prahu. The resulting caldera destroyed the Prahu volcano, and the western portion of the Dieng complex is the best example of type 3 and 4 volcanic activity. Second, the volcanoes contain numerous other features, including steam vents and boiling mud ponds.

Persiba Stadium

Persiba Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Balikpapan, Indonesia. The stadium is the home ground of the football club Persiba Balikpapan. After renovation in 2008, the stadium now has a capacity of 12,500 people. The stadium is a good choice for football matches. During the 2008 renovation, the stadium was renamed to Persiba Stadium.

Persiba Resort

For golf enthusiasts, Persiba Resort in Parike-sit offers the best conditions to practice the game. Parikesit has two championship golf courses: the Stadion Benuo Taka and the Persiba Resort in Parikesit. Both golf courses offer great views of the sea and are surrounded by lush vegetation. In addition, the golf course is located within the hotel complex.


The mythology of Parikshit begins when the snake-biting sage, Samika, was in a state of deep meditation. While the sage was not present, Parikshit went into his hut, where he threw a snake around the sage’s neck. The sage’s son, Shrungi, cursed Parikshit by wishing him to die by snake-bite on the seventh day of the year.

Villa Parikesit

Situated in the central Java Region, the Villa Parikesit offers free WiFi throughout the property and a private parking space. The villa is equipped with a kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator and stovetop. It also includes a terrace. Free grocery delivery is available, and guests can make use of the fitness center or enjoy a barbecue on the terrace. The property is also pet-friendly. The property’s staff is more than happy to help guests with any needs.

A recurrent lane is Tol Cimanggis-Cibitung Seksi 2. It is 23 kilometers long and free. Those who are unfamiliar with the road should be cautious, as the resemblance of the streets is not the same as what you’ll find on the Tol Cimanggis-Cibitung Seksi 1 and 2.

In addition to Jalan Tol Cibitung, this road also connects Tol Padang and Tol Sigli. These two roads will operate for another 10 years or so. After the completion of both resectors, the road is scheduled to remain open for public use. On a good day, the road is likely to be fully operational by 2022.

Nearby landmarks

The famous Hindu temple in the area is one of the many nearby landmarks of Parikesit. It is also known as Divya Prabandham. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Krishna. There are several other attractions and landmarks in the vicinity of the temple. Here are some of them. To get a better idea of the location, read on! We will also discuss some of the historical facts of Parikesit.

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