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Dust Management: Why Chaise Lounge Covers are Vital Tools for Your Health


Many people buy chaise lounges to address their back problems. These comfy, upholstered living room chairs offer a lot of comfort to people with back pain issues. That’s why chaise lounges are one of the most popular furniture items of the 21st century. After all, back pain is an extremely common issue.

Chaise Lounge Chairs in Back Pain Treatment

According to a recent study, 28% of adults in the US experience back pain. Lower back pain is, in particular, extremely common among older adults. The effects of persistent back pain are very expensive. Every year, hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on treating lower back and neck pain issues.

Thankfully, lounge chairs are designed to absorb the user’s body weight, providing maximum comfort to their backs. When people use chaise lounges to take power naps in their bedrooms, lounges, or balconies – they experience amazing comfort.

Sleeping on a chair that’s designed for back pain relief will also improve your body’s blood circulation levels. These are the reasons why chaise lounges are also known as “therapist’s chairs.” They’re the ultimate relaxation tools. However, chaise lounges can also be dust magnets.

The advantages of utilizing chaise lounges are self-evident. Be that as it may, these furniture things are noticeably flawed. They have huge surface regions (a lot bigger than couches), so they gather two times as much residue over the course of the day. Sitting or snoozing in dusty chaise parlors can prompt serious medical problems, for example,

  • Residue can cause tightening influences in the client’s breathing entries.
  • Routinely taking in residue can cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
  • At times, mortgage holders who consistently utilize dusty and grimy furniture things experience the ill effects of sicknesses like asthma

Chaise Lounge Chairs: The Dust Magnets

Chaise lounges are upholstered furniture items. The upholstery traps dust, dirt, and hair just as easily as carpets or curtains do. When there’s too much dust/dirt in your carpets or curtains, you can take them out and dust them off. You can even toss them inside the washer every few weeks. But, you can’t take these steps with heavy chaise lounges.

That’s because chaise lounges are too heavy to be dusted off or placed inside washing machines. Chaise lounge chairs also experience dust damage in a completely different way than rugs, carpets, curtains, or other furniture items. Here are some reasons why chaise lounges are dust magnets –

  • Designed to Attract Dust: These chairs are designed to be soft and fluffy. So, they contain a lot of air particles. These empty spaces of air attract large numbers of dust particles.
  • Humidity and Dust: The smallest of dust particles that are invisible to the naked eye settle on upholstery. When exposed to humidity, they expand and contract. These movements cause microscopic tears in the chaise lounge’s fabric.
  • Dust and Sunlight Damage: Dust and sunlight combine to cause large-scale damage to chaise lounges. The wood, plastic, or metallic elements of the chaise lounge become weak due to the sunlight. The upholstered regions of the chaise lounges get damaged due to the dust particles.

The only way for chaise lounge owners to address these risks is by getting chaise lounge covers.

Dust Management with Lounge Chair Covers

A soft lounge chair will be helpful for your back. But, a lounge that’s full of dust can cause you several breathing-related issues. Installing loose dust covers on your chaise lounge chairs can help you permanently address these risks –

  • The covers can protect chaise lounge chairs from harmful sunlight and dust.
  • Chaise lounge chairs won’t attract dust, dirt, or pet hair when they’re fully cover.
  • These covers can be machine-washe every few days.

Use these covers to keep harmful dust away from your comfy chaise lounge chairs.

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