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6 Ways to Use Custom Canopies for Generating Leads at Promotional Events


Conferences, tradeshows, customer meet-ups, and other similar promotional events give brands great opportunities to engage with relevant audiences. From customers to industry experts to peers – company representatives get to make useful connections with a variety of people.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 pandemic, this industry of event marketing was nearly dormant for two years. Thankfully, in 2022, we finally saw the return of in-person events. Up to 70% of all major marketing events in the country are already 100% booked. So, the world of event marketing will completely resume back to its pre-pandemic normalcy, right? Not quite.

When the career expo is going full speed ahead, allure participants to come by your corner by giving marked items they’ll require at that moment.

The New World of Event Marketing

The effects of the COVID19 pandemic gave top marketers and planners a new perspective on event marketing. From social distancing to virtual attendees – there’s a new host of rules & norms that new-age event marketers must follow. Don’t worry, all the event marketing tools of the past are still the same.

You’ll still have to give away branded flyers. You’ll still have to set up custom canopies to attract crowds. But, will these “traditional” event marketing efforts yield actual leads for your brand? They will if you apply these six new-age event marketing strategies –

  1. Create Your Own Space with a Canopy Tent 

Respecting social distancing guidelines and people’s private spaces are part of the “new normal” in the event marketing world. So, brand leaders must secure well-defined spaces for their representatives before the event. Once the spaces are secured and booked, set up your custom tents. Use the tents to create socially distant lines, queues, or seating arrangements.

  1. Carry Marketing Materials, Refreshments and Other Amenities

The best part about working with canopy tents is that they offer a lot of safe, storage space. You can easily store piles of your company’s brochures, flyers, poster cards, etc., inside these tents. Even if it’s an outdoor event, the tent’s weather-resistant fabric will keep these items safe. Give away these items to interested attendees.

Also, store some refreshments or free food items inside your tent. Give them to attendees and keep them engaged with your brand for longer periods.

  1. Attract Qualified Leads

Not every attendee who walks by your tent will buy or learn about your brand, products, or services. To attract “qualified leads” you’ll have to impress them. Set up meetings inside your tent with notable attendees before the event starts. Get ahead of the competition and set predetermined time slots for guests attending your custom tent.

  1. Capture Leads 

Don’t let people who attend your custom tent leave without sharing their information. Either take their business cards or ask them to scan the QR codes on your tent.

  1. Set Up the Tents in Multiple Locations

Your tents should go wherever the crowd is at the event. High-quality canopy tents are super-light & flexible. They can be installed/disassembled within seconds and transported very easily. So, at your events, don’t refrain from chasing the crowd.

  1. Use Multiple Tents

What’s better than one, high-quality custom-printed marketing tent? Two! The latest custom canopy tents in the market are highly affordable. Buy a couple of them and attend every tradeshow, exhibit, and conference in style!

The brands that are winning are the ones that comprehend and claim the principal interaction among experiential and conditional. If we somehow managed to accept that retail is dead, then we ought to burn through all of our cash doing on the web advertisements and directing individuals to our site. But, how the situation is playing out endlessly time again is that building expectation and an appreciation for the sorcery of our items occurs in reality despite the fact that the vast majority purchase on the web or through call places.

Make buzz about your stall a couple of months out by sending future participants items they can use before the much anticipated day. Most exchange shows will furnish you with a rundown of participants paving the way to the occasion: Narrow your concentration to your main 500 possibilities to focus with sent promotions. Marked packs and cords are well known picks, yet don’t misjudge the force of a customized postcard. Incorporate contact data so prospects can set up a chance to meet with you one-on-one when occasion day at last shows up.

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