Taking Care for Mental Health During Online Education

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Being a student is not easy and they have to go through a lot of transitions. They have to prepare their academic knowledge as well as they have to perform well in various activities also in the school, apart from this their parents and peers and tutors have a lot of expectation from them. Due to this they have to manage overall many things also and sometimes they get under hectic pressure. This mental pressure sometimes led the students to depression and a heavy amount of stress on a psychological level. Though school LMS makes a perfect balance between one-to-one and blended learning still it is unable to reduce the pressure from the mental status of the students. This pressure is making students suffer from many mental issues due to which they are not able to focus on their studies. School managements are also trying to reduce their pressure from students’ mind so that they can focus on their studies instead of being tangles in other issue and for this school managements are also opting innovative tools like student attendance management system so that they can measure the interest of students on the basis of their attendance and take necessary measure to bring back their interest in learning. Apart from this, students also need to take care of their mental status by themselves. Let’s see how effectively they can do this themselves.

Mind can stay healthy only when it may rest at peace and this peace is very tough to attain. The most prominent and easiest way to attain this mental peace is to meditate. The easiest way which almost everyone asks about is to get control of the breath system and not to talk about meditation only, even deep meditation will be possible for anyone to do. As per concept of school LMS students need to have command on mindfulness, which is a situation of deep attention on the things happening in the present. Mindfulness helps the students in various situations and never let the stress take control of the mind, students get the help of the mindfulness even when they are very busy. It usually helps the students in forming memories and balancing the process of thoughts. As the student attendance management system manages data related to attendance of the students in the same way mindfulness manages stress in the academic life of the students. Mental status of the students can be taken care of the best when students will be mentally and physically fit and fine and for this, they need to do proper exercise everyday without any carelessness in this schedule and should maintain the diet with proper meal both the time of the day. Students have a lot on their shoulders as responsibilities, they are crushed between school, home and their personal life, after all these they have to complete their projects and homework also. Being exhausted they still continue to study and this is what they should not do, for proper mental peace they need to provide ample amount of rest to the body also. For which, they need to have at least 8 hours of sound sleep to recharge the mind and body. 

In order to keep the status of mind light and happy it is necessary that students should spend some time with friends and acquainted people in their society otherwise they will remain as book worms only. To keep the mental status healthy students need to set goals with a realistic approach which can be attainable and which can be under their capacity otherwise getting failed to achieve those goals which are far away from their capacity to achieve will put the mind in trauma and this won’t be good for academic growth of the child. Being a student, it is necessary for the children to have fun in their life to keep the mind light and mood in balance. There is no specification about it so students can choose anything which amuse them to have fun, they can choose any game, watching movie, bike riding or anything which makes their mood lighter and happy. Whenever students feel any obstacle in their way of studying or any other problem which is creating hurdles in their way of academic success then instead of stressing the mind it is necessary that students should seek help from tutors, parents or peers.

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