How Simple Is It To Remove The Been Verified Information?

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The been verified is the type of information website that will be more interesting and useful for the users to gain the information of any of the individual or entity. But if anyone is not interested in exposing their personal information, they can remove them. It is more comfortable and useful for keeping your personal records safe from the third parties to access. Even though accessing the information will need the payment, it is simple for Been Verified removal in a few steps, either manually or automatically. 

What is the Automatic removal process?

The removal of the verified information is now a simple process with the help of the automated tool that is present. This is a more useful one for removing the information not only in the single data broker website as this will also find the various other data broker websites. They will check the number of the sites and try to block all the information that is popping up from the various website. Thus your information will be safe and secure all the time. The software will not let any of the websites expose your personal information.

What is the Manual removal process?

The manual removal process is also a simple procedure, but it will take a few minutes for it. Therefore when you are on been removal website, then you can simply go to the footer of the home page, and there you will find the ‘do not sell my info’ option. You have to click it and input your first, last, and state names. When you click on the search button, it will give you the list of the present search results. Here you have to select the information that is contained in the list. But for the removal, you have to give the email address, so when you are providing it and ready to solve the captcha, you can simply send the request for the data removal process. 

How long does it take to remove?

Once you submit a removal request, you will get an email notification that the removal process is in progress. So after this, you have to wait for one day to get the information that your data is completely removed. Thus in a few days, the data will be removed. This will be simpler, giving full security and safety to the users. The manual Been Verified removal process will not be easy when many data broker websites use your information. So when there is more number of the websites like the been verified, then you have to use the software to remove the information easily. 

Is it possible to complain to customer care?

The customer care service is available for the people to know many things about this removal process and its status of it. So when you are in need of the removal and also have submitted the request, then you have to wait for a few days. The timely information about your request and its status of it will be available here.

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