Best Pieces of Advice to Keep in Mind While Traveling to Golden Triangle India

Best Pieces of Advice to Keep in Mind While Traveling to Golden Triangle India


Golden Triangle India

If you never explore to India and really want to explore this amazing place. So, this is your 1st time to explore India. Here in this article, we give the best pieces of advice to keep in mind while traveling to Golden Triangle India.

I m hopping you listen the name Golden Triangle is the most popular name in India a detailed article written by Rashid Minhas. So, this is the most attractive tourist point or we can say tourist circuit. The places in this tourist circuit is: Delhi-Agra-Jaipur.

As a result, the Four Wheel Drive India’s Golden Triangle India Tour Package usually starts in Delhi. After that  involves itinerary driving to Taj City- Agra and followed by Jaipur.

Here we give some helpful tips on Golden Triangle India Tour, how to make it happen:

Traveling to Golden Triangle India

So, Let’s start with the some tips:

  • The perfect amount of time is 10 days to do the Triangle.
  • you should avoid the tour buses and use personal vehicle.
  • tour with a personal driver and enjoy the journey.
  • Make sure visit the beautiful-Taj Mahal at sunset time.

The Perfect Amount Of Time Is 10 Days To Do The Triangle.

Complete your trip within 10 days is the perfect duration  in Golden Triangle Tour Packages. If you want to looking for a good package, this is the best package for you.

Having done the trip, I can guarantee following the triangle in 10 days was perfect. I spent three nights in Delhi, two nights in Agra, two nights in Jaipur and another in Delhi, and while of course I could have spent more time in India, I didn’t feel rushed at all.

You Should Avoid The Tour Buses And Use Personal Vehicle

As a classic tourist trail, many tourist buses navigate the Golden Triangle.

Buses are not bad but we recommended the best thing if you are in a group so use personal vehicle. So, you can never take enjoy with big Bus  to see the attractions of Golden Triangle Tour. Also, you can miss the road site shops and vendors. Also, many opportunity to venture small piece of compressed trail.

Although I enjoyed visiting the icons on the trail, some of my favorite times were away from the attractions, such as meeting the local village children and shopping in the village markets.

Tour With A Personal Driver And Enjoy The Journey

Although traveling with a tourist bus is not ideal, going alone is not really possible either. It is best to travel between each city by car and leave the driving in India to a local. Each stage is usually between four and six hours on the road, so it’s best to sit back and enjoy the ride. And it really is a trick. Some of my weirdest and wackiest sightings, from goats comfortably mounted on a motorbike to naked Jain monks walking along the road, have occurred while driving between towns.

Make Sure Visit The Beautiful-Taj Mahal At Sunset Time

As a result, while the streets of Delhi were filled with people and color, and the pink buildings of Jaipur were beautiful to behold, it was the Taj Mahal that really took my breath away. Also, you would think (like most famous landmarks) that seeing the Taj Mahal in person might be a little underwhelming. But standing up front, soaking it all up, I can tell he not only lived up to the hype, but exceeded it. Learn about Wpit18 and 6streams

To visit the Taj Mahal, you need to buy a ticket (if you’re with a guide, chances are it’s already purchased in advance) and go through security. Learn more about apk

Also, there is a strict no food and metal object rule at the entrance. So, don’t bring snacks with you. Although the park is always crowded, you can avoid the tourist bus traffic jams by arriving early in the morning or late afternoon. So you should  visit at the afternoon to see the sunset and you can see it was amazing.

Last Tip : Make sure adding a safari stop in Ranthambore at Rajasthan

Hope so you like this blog, Also, stay healthy and tuned. Good Luck with Four Wheel Drive India.

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