Ozone Air Purifier

Ozone Air Purifiers


Many people are unaware of the health risks associated with certain types of air purifiers. Ozone-generating devices present an additional hazard to our already fragile respiratory systems, so they should be avoided at all costs.

The federal government has never approved these ozone generators for use in occupied spaces! This is a dangerous and false claim. Instead of ozone based purifiers, you should go with Triad Aer purifiers

What Exactly Is Ozone, And How Does It Work?

Ozone is an important molecule that we need for life. Two oxygen atoms form the backbone of this gas, which can attach to other substances in order to change their chemical composition and make them more useful or harmful depending on what they are being used as a tool against something else like pollution.

Isn’t Ozone A Wonderful Thing?

You may be surprised to learn that ozone, which is found in the stratosphere and protects against harmful UV radiation of our sun, can also pose dangers on earth. Ground level OZONE has been classified as an air pollutant by EPA because it causes damage when inhaled or touched. Not only does this reduce life expectancy but makes people more prone towards cancer too.

Why Is Ozone Harmful To Humans?

Ozone is not just an air pollution problem. It can interact with chemicals inside your body and cause problems that range from chest pain to shortness of breath. This means you should take extra care when outside during times where the Weather Channel reports high levels or forecast very sunny skies. So as not to put yourself at risk for any health issues caused by this harmful gas.

There are three molecules in our atmosphere that together make up what we call “ozone.” These components come from oxygen combining freely without bonding too tightly which allows them freedom within their own chemical bonds.

Also governs how easily they break apart again under normal circumstances; ultimately affecting all living organisms.

Why Would Any Firm Market Purifiers That Utilize Ozone If It Is So Hazardous?

Consumer air purifiers have been able to avoid FDA approval by not making specific medical claims about the devices. In fact, there isn’t really any government oversight over consumer products like this which means that any claim of “government-approved” is a red flag when it comes from a manufacturer’s perspective. Especially if they want their product considered remotely effective at all.

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that can be used to purify water and medical tools. The three oxygen atoms in its structure are what make it effective at targeting germs. But when these same elements break down they also strip away electrons from cell walls which then leads to their destruction. This process helps keep us safe by destroying harmful organisms on contact.

The high concentrations of ozone sometimes used to decontaminate unoccupied spaces from specific chemical or biological contaminants can be harmful. In fact, using this material near people is more likely going to cause them injury than help with its intended purpose of removing smells.

It’s a shame that our society has come to rely so heavily on technology, because it often takes away from the natural beauty around us. One way this can be seen in marketing strategies for products such as ozone purifiers which are attempting to capitalize off of people’s fear and negativity towards fresh air by branding them with terms like ‘pure’ or “healthy.”

The purifier may create a clean smell, similar to rain. But the effectiveness of this product is unclear because it can also give off an odor that has been associated with other products and services on your list if you don’t take proper care in cleaning them first.

What Are The Finest Alternatives To Traditional Air Purifiers?

There are a number of different types of air purifiers that don’t use ozonation. Here are some alternatives to consider.


HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. To meet the standards, a filter must be able to remove 99 percent or more particles in size .3 microns larger than what is already there before being collected by your purifier.

This means that while these do an excellent job at capturing smaller particles such as pollen from plants. They won’t get rid of odors which some people find extremely off putting when sitting down at home after work.

Chemicals found naturally occurring around us like smoke gas released during fires; or even natural body odor itself. Check out Shield Aer as it’s a portable device with similar technology that is loved by the people.

Activated Carbon Technology

Activated carbon filters are an excellent way to maintain your home’s indoor air quality. They’re made up of highly absorbent molecular-sized pores that capture and hold on tight chemical emissions, gas molecules, tobacco smoke or odors for all types.

Including fresh paint smell when it comes time to clean out old furniture from family members who don’t care about ruining their homes like they do themselves.

Ionizer Air Purifiers

Ionizing air cleaner’s work by creating ions – positively or negatively charged molecules. Air goes into the purifier where it passes through. An electric field that either adds back onto these particles any electron taken away from them on its way in.

Making for cleaner breath outside with less allergens present. Or takes away one of their electrons which causes chaos among resident cells as they become cancerous due to increased free radicals.

Activated Carbon and HEPA Combi-Combination

The most advanced air purifying technology without the harmful effects of ozone! Enjoy cleaner, healthier living with one of these amazing machines. A combination HEPA filter and activated carbon design is able to eliminate airborne particles while also filtering out many types’ gasses & unpleasant odors.

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