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How to Build CIBIL Score from Scratch


Since there are no shortcuts to establishing a credit history, establishing credit from scratch requires time and effort. Without a credit profile or a strong free CIBIL Score, you can find it challenging to obtain a loan, buy a car, rent an apartment, or even find employment because some employers examine applicants’ credit as part of the interview process. Nevertheless, the work is worthwhile.

Your ability to set up utilities like electric, cable, and water, as well as your ability to purchase a telephone on a monthly payment plan, may be impacted by your CIBIL Score.

We’ll look at strategies for establishing credit from the start and advice on maintaining a high credit score.

Apply for a credit card

While it is possible to establish credit without a credit card, if used wisely, some incredible instruments exist. For example, you might not be eligible for a high-end travel card if you’re beginning to establish your credit profile. However, you can start with a secured card or a student card and gradually boost your CIBIL Score.

Student Credit Cards

College students who meet the requirements can apply for student credit cards from many large issuers, some of which include rewards programmes and no annual charge. Student credit cards operate similarly to unsecured credit cards and don’t call for a security deposit.

Secured Credit Cards

One of the simplest methods to start rebuilding your CIBIL Score is to apply for a secured credit card. For those building or rebuilding their credit, secured credit cards are specially offered by credit card providers. For this, a refundable security deposit is imperative to apply for a secured card. If you close your account and don’t owe the company anything at that time, you’ll get your deposit back. The most acceptable secured credit cards won’t charge an annual fee and will notify all three credit agencies of your account. Costly fees and hefty interest rates won’t bother you when you use a secured credit card.

Secure Personal Loans

For those who don’t possess good credit history, but want a loan, then you should consider applying for a secured loan. Any actual property you own, including your home, car, gold, investments, and bank savings, may be used as collateral for a secured loan.

The loan application is quickly accepted with collateral, even with no credit history. The bank will require proof of your identification, address, and income to approve your loan application. Request only the amount you can comfortably repay. Your credit score will be based on how well you’ve repaid your debts. When you successfully return the loan, your credit score will increase, and you’ll be eligible for a higher credit limit on your profile.

Try to get an unsecured credit card after a year

Build a solid credit history for a year to convince lenders that you can responsibly manage your money. For credit agencies to be able to produce a credit report, it typically takes a minimum of six months of consistent credit card use. This period should be sufficient to persuade them to issue you a secured credit card. It is crucial to switch from a secured credit card to an unsecured credit card because the latter releases you from the need to provide security or collateral. Additionally, an unsecured credit card comes with better benefits and credit limits.

Regular usage of the card

It is not sufficient to obtain a protected card alone. To establish a good CIBIL Score, you must use your credit card frequently. Consistently try to use your credit card at least once per month. Offers and discounts are also included with credit cards. You can do a CIBIL score login and check the status of your CIBIL score from time to time. 


The secret to obtaining and maintaining a good credit score is perseverance. Credit history takes time to develop. It can take a long time, even a year, depending on how you use the card. It takes significantly more time to establish a strong credit rating. Keep working towards an excellent credit score even as you plan to get a credit card. A personal loan or credit card can help you establish a solid credit history in as little as six to twelve months. However, your responsibility is to lead a financially responsible life to receive future credit consistently.

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