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Order Versatile Printed Sleeve Boxes from Custom Boxes Zone

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Obtain a multipurpose customized sleeve box from Custom Boxes Zone to boost business sales. Our company designs boxes in your choice of shape, size, and color. We provide our services at reasonable rates.

Custom Printed Sleeve Boxes

The addition of sleeves to a box makes the products visible. Custom sleeve boxes are very beneficial to boosting the image of the brand’s products in the market. Sleeve boxes are utilized for multiple purposes, such as displaying chewing gum, cosmetics, candies, soap, computer software, DVDs/CDs, or toys. 

The printing packaging of these boxes will identify the product in the market. Custom Boxes understand the new trends, and we stay up t date with modern needs. We design custom sleeve packaging in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Our expert designers utilize biodegradable and long-lasting materials to craft a box. You can also get free design support to customize the Box of your choice.

How are Custom Sleeve Boxes Beneficial for your Products?

  1. Sleeve boxes increase the visibility of the products inside the box.
  2. Printed packaging enhances the charm and attraction of the products
  3. Customized packaging gives a sneak peek of the item to the clients
  4. The charming packaging of boxes attracts the client’s attention and convinces them to purchase the product.

Manufacturing of Box in Various Styles, Sizes, and Shapes:

The exact size and shape of a custom sleeve box give an attractive appearance to the Box. You can get your Box in the accurate size of your product and give it an eye-catching look. We use innovative digital methods to ensure the perfect size of the box fitting to your product and protects it.

Standardized styles of Sleeve Boxes:

You can choose from two different standardized styles of sleeve boxes that best meet your needs. 

  • Sleeve Box with Thin Walls
  • Tray and Sleeve Box with Thick Walls

Sleeve Box with Thin Walls:

We design an inner tray with regular thin walls. This kind of design provides you with greater space to store accessories or a range of lightweight items.

Tray and Sleeve Box with Thick Walls:

We manufacture inner trays with thick walls. This kind of Box is ideal for heavier goods as it protects them from damage during transport.

Various add-on features and Finishing Options:

The addition of Coating in printed designs saves them from scratches and scuffs. We incorporate various features into coatings:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Soft Touch 

Matte: Soft and non-reflective, with a smoother appearance overall.

Glossy: Shiny, reflective, and more thumbprint.

Soft Touch: Feels like velvet but has a glossy texture.

Finishing Options for Custom Sleeve Boxes:

We add wings to your Box with the following embellished options: 

  • Foil Stamping
  • Debossing  
  •  Embossing

Free Design Assistance by Expert Designers: 

Custom Boxes Zone has a dedicated team of experienced, skilled designers who work devotedly to design your Box innovatively. You can convey your ideas to our team members, and they leave no stone unturned to create a box of your choice. They also guide and assist you in designing a personalized box. 

Eco-friendly and BiodegradableBoxes: 

 We utilize modern printing methods to design your Box. Our company uses biodegradable and sturdy material in the manufacturing of sleeve boxes. We use the following stock in the manufacturing of Box:

  • Cardboard sleeve boxes
  • Printed Kraft sleeve boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard sleeve boxes

Kraft is a biodegradable material that helps reduce the adverse effects of global warming. 

Cardboard is a durable and strong stock. The printing packaging of boxes with cardboard increases the shelf duration of the product. Corrugated stock protects the products during shipping and keeps them safe from breakage.

Get your Boxes at Wholesale rates:

Our company allows the customers to order boxes in the exact quantity of their choice. We follow no minimum order policy. You can order boxes in bulk o in small quantities. Special discounts are available at wholesale rates. The quantity of orders does not affect the quality of our services.

High-Quality Services at Cost-effective rates:

We use modern digital technologies to create your custom sleeve boxes efficiently. We not only give high-quality services to clients but also provide you with competitive market costs. You get the desired pillow box packaging of high quality at cost-effective costs.

Obtain Custom Noodle Boxes with Fast and Free Delivery:

Our professionals are experts in designing any Box. Our staff consists of skilled designers and manufacturers who ensure to create an eye-catching and elegant wholesale sleeve box for your product. It helps you to get distinguished in the competitive world. We offer our services at a quick turnaround time.

Advantages of Choosing Custom Boxes Zone Services:

The perfect design of a custom sleeve box demands the expertise of the skilled staff. Custom Box Zone is equipped with experienced professionals who create an ideal sleeve box. We offer the best services at affordable costs. Get our customized boxes to display your products attractively.

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