5 Best Anime Series to Watch in 2022


Animation is widely defined as animated works from Japan. It’s a rich medium. There are adventure shows with dramatic endings and slice-of-life shows that tug at your heartstrings. The episodes are usually only 20 minutes long, which is shorter than most television shows but packed tightly for maximum emotional impact. While many people associate anime with shows they watched as children, and then stopped watching later in life, there are plenty of series that deal with serious topics for adults. Many of these selections are not recommended for children.

We compiled a list of the top anime shows on OTT platforms, including psychological thrillers, coming-of-age dramas, and throwback classics. This list does not include long-running series that have more than 100 episodes. These shows all have English subtitles. Most of them also include English dubbing. Some shows were subbed and/or dubbed in other languages.

Here are the 6 best anime series.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Six childhood best friends fell apart after Meiko Honma, Meiko’s mother, was killed in an accident. Menma was once the leader of the group, but he has become more isolated and hardly attends school since her death. Menma requests Jinta’s assistance in fulfilling her wish. This is the only way she can move on to the afterlife. Jinta and his friends are able to connect and process the hurt that Menma’s far too early departure caused.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day’s genius lies within creating compelling backstories and weaving their past and future together. This series can be accessed via the Strix apk. This series also shows the healing and freedom that comes from deeply looking at old scars.

Attack on Titan

Humanity lived peacefully for 100 years within a 50-meter (around 165 feet), wall that protected them against man-eating giants called “titans.” When the wall is breached by an unusually large titan, the monstrous creatures flood across the border into civilization.

Eren Yeager, who witnessed the death of his mother, joins the Scout Regiment, a military branch that is tasked with fighting the titans. Attack on Titan is a fast-paced action movie, where you barely have time to breathe between each arc. It is a tale of survival and the determination to live fully. The anime also features Captain Levi Ackerman who is calm and collected and one of the most beloved characters in anime.

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Anthropomorphic animals live on the surface in peace and harmony, but underneath there is tension between herbivores (carnivores) and carnivores. There is an association between Each character here having stereotypes about their species, even if they are not entirely accurate. Legoshi is quiet and called a gray-colored predator. Legoshi falls in love with Haru, a dwarf rabbit. Beastars is at its heart a tender portrayal of the struggle to find one’s identity.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Light Yagami would like to be a God. The high school student stumbles upon the “Death Note”, a notebook where a real god of death has dropped into the world. He learns that everyone whose name is on it dies. He immediately begins to write the names of criminals to make a utopia free from evil. International law enforcement agencies quickly begin to pursue the suspects behind this mysterious series of deaths. Light and L team up with an anonymous, but well-known detective named “L” and the story continues as Light and L try to outwit one another at every opportunity.

The themes of Death Note are obvious: What is justice? How different are Light’s actions to those of the felons that he kills, and what are their similarities? Beyond the social commentary, the series is also entertaining because of the clever schemes Light (and L) devise to reveal the identity of the other while protecting their own. This series can be viewed on animixplay.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Kusou Saiki’s life is to live it normally and quietly. This is quite a challenge considering that he was born with many supernatural abilities, including mind reading, telepathy, X-ray vision and psychokinesis. Saiki does all he can to hide his abilities and divert attention from himself. This often means that he has to resort to excessive mental gymnastics to make him appear normal. The Disastrous Lives of Saiki K. is lighthearted and refreshing, with Saiki’s wry internal monologue about the difficulties of psychic abilities being the highlight.


Every aspect of Dorohedoro’s life is strange. Caiman wakes up after a sorcerer cast an evil spell on him. It seems that all of his memories have been erased, and his human face has been replaced with that of a lizard. He lives in the desolate, doomed “Hole”, where magic users frequently practice curses on non-magic people, leaving them mutated and dead. This isn’t unusual in many ways.

Caiman sets out to kill the curser who cursed him to break the curse. Dorohedoro, violent and gory with a lot of humor, is a tale of revenge that mixes black comedy and violence in the best possible way. There is nothing quite as adorable as Caiman and his equally strange crew than its ability to create vicious but charming villains.


In this article, we discussed the 6 Best Anime to watch in 2022. All Anime discussed above has amazing content and has an amazing craze from the start. hope you like our content and get the idea to watch best anime.

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