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Android games have advanced a lot and you can find many to choose from. These are the top Android games. Mobile has some pretty impressive games, to be honest. Some of these games can compete with PC and console games, or they are available on both PC and console. These are the top Android games right now. These are the top Android games available right now, so the list will not change unless there is something better.

1. AFK Arena

AFK Arena is an idle RPG where loot can be collected and levels up even when you aren’t at the keyboard. To save the realm from evil ancient, collect heroes and build your army. You can join guilds, fight other players, and continue your epic quest.

2. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars (Opens in new window) is a mobile-first battle royale that specializes in 3v3 combat in multiple game modes. Complete quests to unlock and upgrade characters, get power-ups and items, grab unique skins and explore new places.

3. Ballz

Do you remember the arcade classic Breakout? It may not be a direct copy of Breakout, but Ballz follows some of the same principles. There are a few blocks you need to break. You can then use your collection to break the blocks. It’s a great time-waster and fun.

4. Angry Birds 2

It is difficult for mobile gamers to find a game that is as popular as Angry Birds. We prefer to keep the classics. Angry Birds 2, offers exactly what you need from an Angry Birds video game: shooting birds at evil pigs.

5. Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga maintains the matching and candy-swiping mechanics, but Friends Saga introduces new designs and gameplay that incorporate the characters from the series.

6. Piggy (Series)

Piggy is an episodic horror series that combines elements from Peppa Pig’s and Granny’s indie horror game Granny to create a zombie apocalypse environment. A significant fandom developed prior to the finale of the game on May 25, 2020.

Piggy Intercity was the demo for another entry that was released on January 28. Piggy Intercity, an open-world survival game, was released on January 28. The original plan was to bring it up to date in 2021. However, complications with the developers forced it to be canceled. The full version will add quests, base building, and customization. Roblox is more effective when played with krnl. The thousands of script injections available on Krnl Roblox can be accessed without charge. One of the most potent exploits for Roblox is Krnl.

7. Draw Something

Are you looking for a party game that is fun? Drawing Something is a fun party game similar to Pictionary. One player draws, and the other players have to guess the word. Draw Something Classic is free. A paid version iOS and Android eliminates ads from the application for $2.99 Drawing Something Pro for iPad costs $4.99

8. Lily’s Garden

Match-3 Game (Opens in new window): Lily asks you to help restore a garden back to its former glory. You will also be navigating a romantic love story with many characters. You will decorate the garden and match flowers. 

9. Crosswords from the New York Times

The mobile app is available for download and you can solve any puzzle wherever you are. After solving a few demo puzzles, you will need to subscribe for $3.47 per month or $19.97 per year. The New York Times offers Sudoku and Spelling Bee.

10 Plants vs. Zombies 2 – It’s Only Time

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a tower defense game that pits your plants against an invading horde. You must hold off the invaders in order to complete each level.

11. Color Road!

This is a straightforward concept. You control a rolling ball and collect the same colors. Avoid those of different colors. The difficulty level increases as you progress.

12. Epic Match 3: Empires and Puzzles

This game blends RPG combat, card collection, base-building, match-3 gameplay, and card collecting to provide a simple but deep tactical gaming experience. You can unlock epic combos, level up heroes, collect loot, craft weapons, and farm resources. Online raid battles are available. In PvP matches, players can also challenge other players.

13. Woodoku

This wood block puzzle combines elements of Tetris with sudoku. To gain more points, clear multiple rows or clear blocks at once. What is the maximum number of points you can get before you have to make any more moves?


You can Check out the list in order to find the most addictive games for your Android or iPhone. You’ll have a lot of fun while playing the games.

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