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Cinema HD Not Working: Android TV


Video streaming applications such as Cinema HD are among the best free ones. You can stream movies and TV shows from genres like Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Family, War, and more. It also has thousands of movies and TV shows in its content library. The application is compatible with Android, Firestick, Android TV, and other Android devices. Cinema HD is easy to use and has a good user interface. Occasionally, Cinema HD may encounter problems like video buffering, no internet connection, playback failure, server error, and more. The troubleshooting methods below can help you fix Cinema HD not working on your Android TV.

1. Check Unknown Sources

Due to the fact that Cinema HD is a third-party app, it is not available in any app store. You can sideload Cinema HD onto Android TV using Downloader. If you receive an error message during sideloading, it means that your Android TV cannot install apps from unknown sources.

  1. Choose Settings from the home screen by pressing the Home button on your Android TV remote.
  2. Click on Device Preferences and select Security & Restrictions.
  3. Select Unknown sources. Choose the Downloader app and turn on the toggle.

2. Check Internet Connection

There may be a problem with your internet connection preventing Cinema HD from working. A poor internet connection or an unreliable internet connection can cause Cinema HD to malfunction. Too many devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network can also slow down the internet speed. To stream the content in Cinema HD, you need a standard internet connection.

  • Three megabits per second for standard definition videos
  • 5 Mbps High Definition Videos
  • A 25 Mbps connection is required for Ultra HD videos

Using speed test applications, you can find out how fast your internet is. Restart your router if you have slow internet speeds.

Assume the following: Switch off your Android TV and router.

  1. Your router’s power cable should be unplugged from the wall outlet.
  2. Reconnect the power cable after waiting at least five minutes.
  3. Turn on your Android TV and Router. Now, check whether the internet is working or not.

If this cinema hd errors not fix, disconnect other devices from Wi-Fi and try again.

3. Update Cinema HD to the Latest Version

Each update will fix a variety of bugs, errors, and glitches. The app has also been updated with new features. Users of older versions of the app will experience technical issues like blank screens.

  1. To update Cinema HD, make sure your Downloader is enabled under unknown sources.
  2. On your Android TV, open the Cinema HD app.
  3. Go to the top left corner of the screen and select Menu.
  4. Click on download cinema hd v2 which is the latest version
  5. Click on Install to install the latest version on your TV.

4. Clear Cache and Data on Cinema HD

Over time, too much cache and data stored on your Cinema HD can cause lags, buffering issues, latency issues, and more. The Cinema HD must be cleared of all cache and data.

  1. Select Settings from the home screen of your Android TV.
  2. The Cinema HD app can be found under Apps.
  3. You can clear your app’s cache by selecting Clear Cache and clicking OK.
  4. Cache files should be cleared first, then app data should be cleared.
  5. Stream the content again by launching the Cinema HD app.

5. Turn Off Auto Play Option

The autoplay feature of Cinema HD is similar to that of YouTube. Whenever you choose a movie or TV show, your app automatically selects and plays a link. A disadvantage of this feature is that if the chosen link is broken, playback will fail. Another broken link might be selected even if you try again. Turning off Auto Play is the only way to fix this issue.

  1. On the home screen of your Android TV, select Apps.
  2. Open Cinema HD by navigating to it.
  3. In the top left corner, select the Menu icon.
  4. To enable Auto Play, click on Settings.
  5. You can disable Autoplay’s next episode as well as Autoplay’s next subtitle. Test the app now to see if it works

6. Try Cinema HD Apk Alternatives

There are many third-party apps available, and you can choose other apps as an alternative to Cinema HD if Cinema HD errors are not fixed on your Android TV 

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