Why is Xbox so Widely Used? Top 5 Reasons


The market for gaming consoles is incredibly competitive, just like many other markets. Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation are the main rivals. Since they play their games on computers rather than gaming consoles, PC gamers are in a class all by themselves.

Here are ten explanations for why Xbox is so well-liked

1. Backward compatibility

  1. The backward compatibility is one of the main factors contributing to its popularity.
  2. This implies that players don’t have to hang on to their older systems in order to enjoy their older games on newer consoles.
  3. Not every game has backward compatibility.
  4. Xbox, on the other hand, frequently provides more backward-compatible games than its rivals.
  5. The main benefit is that it prevents gamers from having to buy their preferred games again every time a new console is released.
  6. They can now save money, and everyone likes to save money.
  7. Another factor is that the game occasionally includes updated graphics.
  8. This enables players to take advantage of their improved appearance while still playing their favorite games.
  9. Last but not least, it means they won’t have to give up playing their preferred games while switching to a new console.
  10. Not everyone desires to keep their old consoles in storage.
  11. Some people merely lack the space to do so.
  12. As such, they often have to sell their older consoles to make room for the new release.
  13. If the new release doesn’t have backward compatibility, then it means they’re never going to be able to play their old favorite games again.
  14. In most cases, Xbox avoids that by making its consoles backward compatible or offering a service that allows its players to play old games.
  15. Players get the best of both worlds in terms of playing old and new games thanks to Xbox’s backward compatibility.

2. Free Games

  • Players now have monthly access to free games thanks to Xbox Gold.
  • These games are both successes and failures from time to time.
  • Your gaming preferences will determine everything.
  • Nevertheless, there are times when it’s possible to obtain highly regarded games for nothing at all.
  • One benefit of receiving free games through Xbox is the ability to continue playing the game even if you stop paying for your Gold membership.
  • This is not the same as a PlayStation Plus subscription.
  • If you have a Plus membership and decide to stop paying for it, you will lose access to your free games.
  • Given that the game was once technically free for you, that is a frustrating feature.
  • With Xbox, you can play the game for free regardless of whether you are a Gold member or not.
  • It is well-known for its monthly free games, which you can continue to play even if you cancel your Gold membership.


3. Xbox Live

  • Xbox Live is a wonderful feature that furthers Xbox’s appeal.
  • For years, Xbox has been developing its online services.
  • Xbox started prototyping and testing online multiplayer gaming even before it became commonplace and expected.
  • Because of that, Xbox Live has improved greatly.
  • The service has undergone a number of patches and versions to become one of the top online console services.
  • With Live, you can also purchase two services, giving users a little more freedom over their spending and gaming habits.
  • You can play online with friends using it Live Free because it includes all the essentials.
  • They are available for free online play and chat.
  • Xbox Live Gold is the premium edition of Xbox Live.
  • The Gold membership is included with this version.
  • With this variation, you are entitled to two free games each month.
  • Additionally, it unlocks a number of apps that let you use your console to watch sports, TV, and other entertainment.
  • The ability to purchase discounted games is one of Xbox Live Gold’s biggest advantages.
  • The Xbox store typically has a sale going on once a month.
  • Xbox Live Gold subscribers may receive significant savings.
  • Some times, the reductions on specific games reach 50% or even 70%.
  • Xbox Live Gold, which offers fantastic online support, free games, and discounts, is one of the main reasons why gamers adore the Xbox.

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4. Streaming Capabilities

  1. Xbox belongs to Microsoft.
  2. PCs are also made by them.
  3. Xbox Live is already preloaded on newer PCs.
  4. This enables Xbox users to stream their games using their PC.
  5. This is perfect for times when you want to game but none of your home’s TVs are available.
  6. You have the option of streaming Xbox content to your PC.
  7. You can stream your Xbox game using a basic laptop if you have one.
  8. That’s because your computer or laptop isn’t capable of running the game.
  9. In your console, it is still active.
  10. Instead, a second screen is projected from your computer or laptop.
  11. You’re only playing video games on your monitor.
  12. When everyone else is watching TV and you want to play a game, this is perfect.
  13. Even outside in your backyard, you can stream to your laptop.
  14. As long as your controller is still within range of your console, you can play games while enjoying the sunshine.
  15. You can play more conveniently without disturbing others because it can stream to your PC.
  16. Gamers with families or few TVs love it because of this feature.


5. Streaming PC to Xbox

  • The opposite is also true, though you can stream from your Xbox to your computer’s monitor.
  • What is on your PC can be streamed to your Xbox.
  • This is beneficial for a variety of factors.
  • You might decide to stream your Xbox that is connected to a big screen if you want to play your PC games on a screen larger than your monitor.
  • Even professionally, you can stream a PowerPoint presentation to your Xbox from your PC.
  • For tabletop gamers, you can connect it to a horizontal screen or projector and stream content from your laptop or PC to show your players virtual battle maps.
  • There are countless possibilities, but one of the things that makes it so popular is the ability to stream from your PC to your Xbox.


This is a widely used console for a variety of factors.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is taking some actions that are worth watching, from its services to its new exclusives.

Since Xbox outsells PS5 in terms of number of units sold in the US, they are undoubtedly having an effect.

Continue reading to learn what does queued mean on Xbox. Please take a look at our article on the subject; it contains a straightforward explanation of everything.

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