Choosing The Right Cabinet for Shoes in Hallway

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A useful acquisition for any hallway will be a roomy cabinet for shoes. It will help to solve the issue of storing numerous pairs and will ensure the maintenance of order in the entrance area.

Cabinet for shoes – model features

The shoe cabinet is a piece of furniture of a special design. It includes several rows of shelves, which can be open or closed. The surfaces themselves have a lattice base, in order to increase the capacity, they are located at an angle. This allows you to compactly fit existing pairs of shoes in a small space.

Such a product has a number of advantages.

  • Small sizes.
  • Attractive design.
  • Correct storage conditions.
  • Functionality.
  • Wide model range.

Types and rules for choosing a shoe cabinet in the hallway

There are quite a few types of shoe racks, and in order to choose the optimal model, you should take into account the area and geometry of the corridor and the overall style of the interior.

Manufacturers offer the following variations on this theme.

  • Shoe cabinet with straight shelves or slim system.
  • Low rise design with padded seat. Furniture of medium or impressive parameters.
  • Floor or suspended modification.
  • Product of rectangular, angular, or non-standard shape.
  • Compartments with or without doors.

Other important criteria to help you make the right decision:

  • execution material;
  • type of opening system;
  • decorative finishing of the facade;
  • equipment options.

Choosing the Frame

The shoes cabinet in the hallway should correspond in size to the chosen installation site, not obstruct the passage, not interfere with movement.

The size range of products is quite diverse.

  • Width varies from 30 to 120 cm.
  • Height varies from 50 to 120 cm.
  • The depth is in the range of 17 to 55 cm.

The material of the product is wood, metal, wood boards, plastic, willow vine, or rattan.

  • Natural wood will provide the product with long service life, strength, reliability, and high aesthetic performance. However, models from the array are not cheap, look somewhat cumbersome, and have significant weight.
  • The metal structure is designed for heavy loads, and is not afraid of deformation, thanks to the protective coating it is reliably protected from moisture. A model of forged elements will add uniqueness to the design.
  • Plastic galoshes are lightweight, practical, and available in a wide range of colors and interesting shapes. Cons of this choice: instability to mechanical stress, heavy loads, not very presentable appearance.
  • Chipboard (chipboard) is used in the production of budget furniture. Unfortunately, such products are not very reliable, sensitive to high humidity, and capable of releasing harmful compounds.
  • Fiberboard (MDF) resembles wood in its characteristics. This material is easy to process, it exhibits good resistance to stress, and moisture, and provides a lot of opportunities for decoration.
  • Glass and mirrors are used in combination with other materials. They allow you to visually unload the space, give the furniture lightness.
  • Willow vine or rattan provide constant air circulation in the interior of the cabinet, which contributes to creating ideal conditions for storing shoes. Such models will also please with a small weight. You can choose a cabinet for shoes with a body made of wood, metal or wood-based panels, the interior of which is made up of wicker baskets.

All products are divided into two large groups.

An open bedside table is a bookcase with shelves. In some cases, the design is complemented by a rear wall. The absence of doors simplifies the process of using furniture, shoes are constantly ventilated, and dry quickly. But this option is suitable for pairs that are used constantly. It is better to clean out-of-season shoes in models with doors that will prevent dusting and fading of products.

Designs with sashes are more practical, and provide perfect order in the hall. In order to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor, closed compartments are equipped with ventilation holes.


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