How To Choose a Desk for A Student?


When a child goes to school, parents have a question about arranging the workplace. Many people buy a table “for growth” so that they no longer have to buy new furniture. But a special desk for a student is a better option than a regular desk.

First, the desk is designed for adults who are already able to maintain proper posture. The child is just learning to do it, his spine is still being formed. A school desk for a student should be made taking into account the anatomical features of children of this age to help form the correct posture.

Secondly, children grow quickly, and the height of the table, as a rule, is not adjustable. Standard chairs are 45 centimeters high, standard desktops are 76 centimeters high. It will be simply uncomfortable for the child behind them: the legs do not reach the floor; the tabletop is at shoulder level … Not only will it not work properly – you will constantly have to be distracted due to discomfort – the risk of developing many diseases is also seriously increased. We are talking about scoliosis (curvature of the spine), osteochondrosis, and myopia. In good school desks, the height is adjustable, so the desk will “grow” with it.

What needs to be considered?

According to professionals, a student’s furniture height should be adjusted twice a year. For every new 15 cm height of the student, the height of the desk should be 6 cm higher, and the high chair 4 cm higher.

Thirdly, desks have modules for storing the most necessary items. They can easily fit into any interior, saving precious meters.

At the same time, such desks are guaranteed to comply with all other requirements that apply to children’s tables:

  • Cover dimensions. For the baby to sit correctly at the table, he must be able to put both elbows on the edge of the desk, but in such a way that there is no desire to tilt the body forward, because then the back will be in the wrong position. The table top of the child’s desktop should be no smaller than 60×60 centimeters, otherwise, there simply won’t be enough space for all the educational supplies.
  • Cabinets and drawers. They should be so that the child does not have to run to the rack for each pen or set of pencils. At the same time, the ideal box cannot be too deep, otherwise, it will be very difficult to look for some small things in it.
  • The height of the table and chair. The chair should ideally match the height of the desk, otherwise, all the advantages of a modern table will be nullified. The growing chair is set up in the same way as a desk, it is convenient to use it.
  • The presence of add-ons. As the child grows, he will need more and more space for lessons. Growing children’s furniture is additionally equipped with side and rear attachments – you can increase the usable area of ​​the table by 2.5-3 times!

Important: the light on the children’s desktop should fall from the left top (or, if your child is left-handed, from the right top) – only in this case, optimal conditions for the eyes created that allow the student to be protected from myopia.


It is necessary to choose a desk with the child so that he can sit at the desk, try to write or draw something: you must make sure that this model suits him. But, of course, long shopping trips with a primary school student are a dubious pleasure, both for parents and for a child. Therefore, it is worth taking it to the store after you have looked at several school desks on your own, and only then come with the child for the final choice.


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