Why proportional flow control valve is preferred

Why proportional flow control valve is preferred


In hydraulic systems, the proportional flow control valve makes sure that the flow rates of fluids remain effectively constant. In doing so, they have to assemble a large number of measures that go far further than their core function of controlling the flow rate through the system. Manufacturers and operators of mobile machines are generally increasingly setting a special priority on energy efficiency. Flow control valves in separate should have a packed design and be easy to integrate into complex hydraulic systems in every installation situation, saving both time and money. These flow control valves resist severe environmental conditions and caustic attacks without difficulty, as they can be supplied ex works with a zinc-nickel coating on all surfaces (> 720 h ISO EN DIN 9227 NSS). Manufacturers of mobile machines, therefore, benefit from efficient, straightforward, durable, and robust elements that have a high power density.

Save energy by minimizing pressure losses

Series SRx electrically managed proportional flow control valve from Bucher Hydraulics to meet these far-reaching conditions. Depending on the particular model, the flow control needle valve is suitable for constant flow rates between 0.3 and 80 l/min at inlet pressures up to 315 bar. They are developed as 3-way valves, but under specific conditions, they can also be used as 2-way valves by simply plugging the surplus flow port. Bucher Hydraulics proportional solenoid valve has an additional selling point, a unique advantage. They operate reliably with a management Δp of only 7 bar, and with just 5 bar in a unique version. These values are particularly below the 12-15 bar customary in the industry. The extra pump power that is required is therefore reduced by up to 5 % during the process. The all-important advantage: with all SRx 3-way proportional electric valves, the surplus flow port can be pressurized. This means that it can be used for other secondary applications for an additional drive, for example. The proportional flow control valve is also ideally prepared for special situations. They have an emergency override. This can be easily accommodated, and in the suitable version, the flow rate can even be read on a scale of the circuit.

Rugged technology for decentralized arrangements


Bucher Hydraulics proportional flow control valve of series SRP has been specially invented for complex hydraulic systems with numerous individual drives that can be used in the industries for various purposes. This body version of the proportional air pressure control valve is specifically designed for direct mounting on hydraulic motors. The time and costs for piping or hoses can therefore be extensively reduced through the motors. Like all other proportional air valves in the SRx series, these models deliver an effectively constant flow rate. In fertilizer spreaders and potato planters in the industries, for example, they make sure that conveyor belts travel at constant speeds and that spinner plates likewise rotate at uniform speeds. When planting agricultural products, Bucher Hydraulics proportional air pressure control valve makes a powerful contribution to greatly increasing the final yields and quality.

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