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There are many ways to find out information about Leea Harris. From her background to education, employment, and campaign finance, this article will give you the facts that you need to know about her. Then you can decide whether she’s the right candidate to lead your country. And when you know what she stands for, you can support her campaign! Read on for more information! – What is Leea Harris’s record on education?

Information about leea harris

If you’re looking for information about Leea Harris, you’ve come to the right place. Harris is an accomplished singer and songwriter. She has been writing music for over a decade and has collaborated with artists in the United States and Europe, including Slovenian musicians. Her most notable collaboration is with Davor Bozic, an acoustic guitarist who works with Harris on her Energy sound healing work. You’ll find a list of Harris’ collaborations below.


UTC’s Department of Music is fortunate to have a longtime member of the faculty as the Coordinator of Music Education. Professor Harris came to UTC in 1995, and before that, served as the music director of the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts. She taught choral music in Tennessee and Texas and also obtained a Master Class certificate from the Orff Schulwerk. She established the Kodaly Institute, which offers a summer professional development course for music teachers. The institute was designated as an endorsed program by the Organization of American Kodaly Educators, a professional association of Kodaly educators.

Mayor Lee Harris is a fifth-generation Memphis resident who graduated from Overton High School. After completing college, she studied abroad at the London School of Economics and earned her law degree from Yale University. She then became an associate attorney with one of the nation’s largest law firms, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz. She also married Professor Alena Allen, and they have three children.


The Anacostia Community Museum owns the physical papers of Leea Harris. Although literary and copyright rights remain with the author/creator of the work, the Museum owns the right to publish the work. All materials produced during the normal business of the Museum are considered the intellectual property of the Anacostia Community Museum. The Museum reserves the right to modify or remove any material from the collections without the consent of the author.

Campaign finance

A recent report has uncovered questionable practices in the field of campaign finance. While most of these violations were committed by individuals or small organizations, the Harris campaign has not been exempted from the law. For instance, she has not disclosed how much she has received from pharmaceutical companies. But she did accept money from an executive at Pharmaceutics International Inc., a major manufacturer of opioid painkillers. She has also received campaign contributions from several companies affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry, including Endo Pharmaceuticals and Global Blood Therapeutics.

The Shelby County Mayor is Lee Harris. She assumed office in 2018 after serving in the Tennessee State Senate for two years. Harris previously represented the Tennessee State Senate District 29 from 2014 to 2018. You can track Harris’s bills by visiting, which sorts bills by their action history and lists all Harris sponsored bills. The Shelby County Mayor election will take place on August 4, 2022, and the Democratic primary will be held on May 3, 2022.

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