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A lot of people have been asking how Jonathan and Cassie Pentland met. The couple is married and has a young child. There are some interesting facts about their relationship. They are from the same city and are friends on Instagram. Read on to know more about them. Read their biography to know what they do for a living and how they met. The following is a brief look at their lives.

Cassie Pentland

The recent video aired on the network’s “Live! with Kelly and Ryan” channel shows the couple in a heated argument. Cassie mentions that the escalating argument started with an incendiary neighbor spat. She reportedly continues to yell threats and threaten Deandre. A camerawoman then comes up to the couple. Both women make way to the commotion, and Pentland keeps threatening Deandre.

The video of the incident has made its way around the world, and you may have noticed the name of the couple. Cassie Pentland is the wife of US Army sergeant Jonathan Pentland. The 42-year-old is based in Columbia, South Carolina. He has two daughters from his previous marriage. Jonathan and Cassie have two kids together. Jonathan and Cassie have been married for over a decade. They own a home in South Carolina.

In the video, she repeatedly asks the other man to leave the neighborhood and pushes him nearly to the ground. She identifies herself as Cassie Pentland and tells him that he picked up the fight with a random young woman. The other man denies this and accuses Cassie Pentland of threatening to call the cops. Pentland could be jailed for 30 days and/or fined $500.

Police have removed photos of Pentland from the Facebook page of her new unit. Pentland has been serving at Fort Jackson, SC, since at least 2019. She was a drill sergeant for the 1st Battalion, 61st Infantry Regiment. She was promoted to sergeant first class in April 2020. The video also shows her at a drill sergeant job at Fort Jackson, SC.

Jonathan Pentland

A young Black man named Jonathan Pentland was arrested for assault in Columbia, South Carolina. On April 12, a video of the incident began circulating on social media. The video showed two men standing on a sidewalk in front of a house. The incident was reportedly reported by a concerned citizen. After the video was posted, the two men engaged in an altercation. As the video was circulated, the two men’s identities were confirmed and the man was arrested.

While it is unknown when the actor was born, the media have highlighted his viral video where he was seen misbehaving with a black man. The video became a viral hit and the officer and his wife were put under investigation. The two are married and live in a house in South Carolina. Their two children are named Jacob and Ezra, respectively. Their net worth is reported at $1 million.

Despite his alleged involvement in the video, Pentland has maintained that the incident occurred while he was on duty. He is now being removed from his teaching duties while he awaits trial. The US Department of Justice is investigating the incident as well. Jonathan Pentland has been stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, since the beginning of 2019. It is a 53,000-acre complex where about half of all soldiers and women are trained.

While the video remains on Instagram, it is not clear if it is real or fabricated. Pentland’s arrest was a shock to many people. He had posted pictures of his children on his Instagram account, but the posts were later deleted. The video went viral, and Pentland’s followers were shocked. He posted it on his own instagram page. Pentland has since been placed on probation.

Cassie Pentland’s family

Jonathan Pentland is a sergeant first class in the U.S. Army who has been accused of being racist and has even been reported to his superiors. He allegedly harassed a black man in Columbia, South Carolina, by implying that he would attack him and that the only option for his family would be to call the police. He was caught on video and subsequently arrested on suspicion of assault.

While we can’t see the children of Cassie Pentland’s marriage, we can get an idea of her young family from her Instagram account. She is also married to Jonathan Pentland, who has kept his privacy a top priority. The couple married in 2006 and have two young children together. They live in a home in Columbia, South Carolina, which was paid for with their home equity credits.

The Army has removed Pentland from her teaching duties until the matter is investigated. The US Department of Justice is investigating the matter as well. Pentland’s family posted the incident on Instagram. It’s unclear when the soldier was posted on the site. The Facebook page for Fort Jackson SC said the post was deleted after several days. The family’s home is located in the Lakes at Barony Place subdivision, where the Black Lives Matter protesters were demonstrating Wednesday.

Currently, Jonathan Pentland is a sergeant first class in the US Army. He is a father of two. The video shows him shoving the man and threatening to beat him with his own weapon. The incident took place on April 13, 2021, at a subdivision in Columbia, South Carolina. The victim claims that he was walking in the area and was not aware of what was going on.

Jonathan Pentland’s education

It’s unclear what Pentland’s educational background is, but there are a few things we know. He’s a white military officer who started his career in New York, joining the 10th Mountain Division and 1st Brigade Combat Team. The viral video shows him yelling at the Black man. His father testified that the video left his son with difficulties understanding what’s happening.

His arrest led to widespread media coverage, including a viral video that has over 600 million views on YouTube. He has a large following on social media, including Instagram, where his description is “Nothing to say.” Regardless of his background, there’s no question that he’s well-educated. The real question is: how did he get there? Did his education go well? Is there anything to worry about?

Jonathan Pentland’s social media presence

Sgt. Jonathan Pentland, a white soldier from Fort Jackson, South Carolina, has been charged with assaulting a Black man. He has been in jail since Wednesday evening and was listed as detained in the Richland County jail. He has not responded to an Insider request for comment. A woman posted video of the encounter on Facebook, where the soldier yelled and assaulted the man. The incident drew national attention and triggered protests from Black activist groups.

As of Thursday, the area around Pentland’s home remained mostly quiet. But after the video went viral, a crowd gathered outside the home to protest. The drill sergeant is seen shoving and verbally abusing the man, who claims he was simply out for a walk. The young man calmly replies, “I live here.” But Pentland shoves him while slapping his cell phone. He then continues to yell “I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are.”

Jonathan Pentland’s social media activity is limited. He has no official page on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Although he has been tagged in a few controversial videos, he has not shared them publicly. Despite this, his wife and children are very close. They have two children, ages nine and four. The couple lives in The Lakes at Barony Place.

The Army has suspended Pentland from his duties as an instructor at Fort Jackson while an investigation is underway. The Fort Jackson command Sergeant Major did not “condone” Pentland’s behavior, but he did not back off either. Despite the incident, Pentland is still a white soldier who has served his country honorably. The social media backlash he received was not limited to social media.

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