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Tom Patrick Battle ages are a big question for fans of the actor. While his role as Thomas Patrick Deyo in ‘Horrible Bosses’ was wildly popular, many were curious about his age. There are two ways to find out: by reading this article, you can find out his chronological age, as well as his birth date. However, you can also see his complete wiki for more information.

Thomas Patrick Deyo

Whether you’re looking for photos, original documents, or a family history, Thomas Patrick Deyo’s life has many facets. The artist has been actively researching his family’s history since he was a young boy. He is also particularly interested in his Indian ancestry, as he was fascinated by stories about the Indian Princess Pocahontas. In fact, he began compiling ancestor charts as early as his teenage years.

Thomas Patrick Battle

In this touching book, author Thomas Patrick Battle reflects on the lives and services of his hero, Josh Wheeler. He was born in Paris on October 9, 1939, and he was inducted into the United States Air Force in 1962. He served at Kincheloe Air Base in Chippewa County, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Patrick was married to Judy Niemitalo, who passed away in 2013. He was a member of Iron Workers Local 340. His career in the military also led him to oversee several bridges in Northern Michigan.

As a soldier, Patrick was a hero. He was wounded in Afghanistan, and his parents tended to him while he was in a military hospital thousands of miles away. Seeing their love and support for him provided motivation that he needed to fight back. Soldiers feed on one another’s courage and inspiration in battle, and Patrick benefited from that motivation when he was recovering from his injury. His rehabilitation process helped him improve as a Soldier, and he pulled off a remarkable mission in 2015.

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