ASUS ROG FX503 TUF Gaming A15 Review


If you are looking for a laptop that’s designed specifically for gaming, ASUS has released the ROG FX503. This gaming laptop has all of the advanced features you need to play high-end games. The CPU and GPU are both incredibly powerful, and you’ll be happy to know that the battery life is impressive.


Despite being a thin and light gaming laptop, the Asus rog fx503 TUF Gaming A15 doesn’t compromise functionality or durability. It is a MIL-STD-certified product and features a sleek plastic deck and chassis. The keyboard is responsive and features dedicated WASD keys. Asus also offers a range of accessories to help you customize the experience.

The Asus rog fx503 doesn’t sport the Republic of Gamers branding, but it is a great choice for gamers on a budget. It looks like a sub-brand of the ROG line and has nice texturing on the case. It is comparable in price and performance to the ROG Strix, and has the same high-end hardware as those machines.


The ASUS FX503 is a compact Windows 10 laptop packed with a 7th Gen Intel Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics. Its high-capacity battery ensures productivity throughout the day. Its intelligent cooling system allows you to play graphically-intensive games without experiencing throttling. Its compact design also means you can carry the power wherever you need it.

The Asus Rog FX503 features a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor. It also has 1TB of SSD storage and supports Gigabit Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. It’s ideal for gamers who want a laptop with good multitasking capabilities. This laptop is also very quiet, making it a good choice for those who like quiet laptops.

Battery Life

The battery life of the ASUS ROG FX503 laptop isn’t the best. Although you can get 5.5 hours of use, it’s best to plug it in to recharge. Gaming can consume a significant portion of the battery life, and this laptop won’t last as long.

The battery life of the ASUS ROG FX503 laptop is about average for gaming laptops. Depending on the configuration, the battery can last up to 6 hours of gaming. With its intelligent battery, you can customize the battery life according to your needs. For example, you can set it to power saving mode to conserve battery life while reducing power consumption when playing games.

In terms of conventional performance, the ASUS ROG FX503 does very well. Its integrated graphics card (GTX 1050) makes it suitable for gaming. Its 120Hz display is one of the most notable innovations in gaming notebooks. The notebook also offers a wide range of configurations and customization options to personalize its look.

Refresh Rate

The Asus ROG FX503 is a good gaming laptop that will keep up with the competition. This model comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is pretty high. However, the FX503 is heavier than its rivals. It may be an inconvenience if you like to play competitive multiplayer games or play games with high-quality graphics. But if you’re willing to overlook its heavier weight, the FX503 will be an excellent choice.

The FX503 sports a 15.6-inch IPS-level display with a 120Hz refresh rate. That’s an excellent refresh rate, but it’s not as high as a 4K or HDR screen. Still, it is a great option for gamers, and its full HD display has decent resolution and brightness. It also has a backlit display and a nice, comfortable keyboard. Its WASD keys have convenient positing, which gives you a better sense of key press.


The design of the ASUS ROG FX503 is pretty sleek. The lid is textured and easy to open with one hand. I like how the ASUS logo is in the center, and I like that the lid is not made of glass. It also feels solid and doesn’t attract a lot of fingerprints.

The speakers on the Asus Rog fx503 give you a truly immersive experience while playing games. The speakers feature ICEpower technology, which boosts the overall sound quality. They are loud enough to fill a small room, but they don’t have a lot of bass. Because of this, it’s best to pair this laptop with speakers or a headset.

Final Words:

The Asus Rog FX503 is a great gaming laptop. It features a 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, a 1TB solid-state drive, and an Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card. This laptop is light and portable, and it offers a great experience for gamers.

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