Where to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in LA


Los Angeles is an incredible city with countless things to do and see, but you don’t have to live confined to buildings the entire time you’re here!  Between the amazing sights and the expensive real estate, there’s a ton to do in the fresh air.

These are the top places to enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful LA!

Check Out the Beaches!

The beaches may be the most obvious option for anyone wanting some fresh air while in Los Angeles.  Countless miles of beautiful bright sand, rolling waves, and incredible weather may make it, so you never want to leave the beach.  Unfortunately, these can get crowded!

To avoid the crowd, visit during the school year on an early weekday morning.  This will give you fewer screaming kids to compete with and more to see and do!

Explore the Beer Gardens

When you want to cut loose from looking at Los Angeles houses for sale, you’ll want to check out the Beer Gardens!  The beer gardens are massive, with local breweries and bars you can enjoy while you’re here.  Although this can skew more towards an evening activity for adults, it’s a great time you won’t want to pass up.  Some of the best experiences can be found here!

Enjoy the Endless Islands

Thanks to being coastal, there are plenty of wonderful island stops for anyone who wants to get away!  Here you can take in anything from the Monarch Butterfly capital of the world to the incredible bioluminescent algae that have been visible in recent years.

These are awesome for anyone visiting with family who wants a chance to feel like you’re escaping the chaos of the cities and amusement parks.

Enjoy the Venice Canals

You may think the Venice Canals are something you can only find in Italy, but Los Angeles has its version of them!  For a small fee, you can enjoy floating along the countless small rivers and waterslides.  Some tours include drinks and fun, while others simply allow you to enjoy the beautiful views.  This is an awesome outdoor excursion for anyone excited to see the sights.

Take a Break at Griffith Park!

Sometimes you don’t want to spend time outdoors doing anything and would rather take the time to sit back and relax.  Griffith Park allows you to cut loose and enjoy the easy-going calm that comes with it.

Things can get a little more hectic on weekday afternoons and weekends, but it’s worth it to enjoy the beautiful views this park offers.  

Tourists should generally avoid this area after dark since it can be more hazardous if you’re not used to the scams and gimmicks some people will try to pull.

Los Angeles Isn’t Just Its Buildings!

Los Angeles may be a massive city of buildings, incredible restaurants, bars, and stops worth going inside for, but it’s also full of countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.  Consider stopping in soon

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