What You Need To Know When Applying For An Irish Passport


Stunning Ireland is a land of opportunities. The people are incredible; many are well-educated with high-profile jobs, families, and a sense of community. The land is rich in history and culture, and the landscape is gorgeous. The Irish government strives to provide an excellent standard of living to its residents and visitors and offers money-saving benefits and healthcare. 

Having an Irish passport opens up several incredible doors, especially as it allows you to travel to several countries without requiring a visa. Irish passport holders can also freely move about the European Union (EU) member countries to work, stay, and study. The Irish passport is a highly advantageous one. However, the Irish passport application is tedious and should be done meticulously. 

What are the Ways to Apply for an Irish Passport?

The Irish government has allowed many options for people wanting to apply for a passport. Most people use the Passport Online service to ensure everything is in order. However, some other application submission options are using the post office via the Passport Express option or filling up the relevant forms at the passport office counter. You should opt for the online service since it is practical, convenient, and cheap. 

The counter option is usually a hot favourite with people who need urgent renewals or replacements for damaged or lost passports. This line could also be called express or urgent and is used by people who need to leave the country fast. The cost of this service is also higher than the online or post services, so selecting the appropriate avenue for the passport application in advance is ideal, keeping in mind your requirements and timelines. 

Once the passport application is sent, you can track the application with the help of a passport tracker. The post office option usually takes longer than the online one, so it’s best to apply online from the comfort of your home. Using the post office or the counter service is not advisable for first-timers since the paperwork is quite tedious. Instead, first-timers should stick to the online service. 

What are the Irish Passport Requirements?

The Irish government has stringent norms and requirements regarding the eligibility and documentation for the passport application. All your documents should be in order, and translations, stamping, and other necessities must be completed before you send in the final application. 

Some of the documents needed for the passport application are:

  • Proof of Irish citizenship: Your Irish citizenship differs based on the type that you have. Some are Irish by birth, others by naturalization, some by descent, and others by acquisition (marriage, adoption, etc.). 
  • Official Photo ID: Your official photo identification can be a government driver’s licence, an existing passport, or a national ID card from a foreign country.
  • Minor Applicants: All minor passport applicants (under 18 years) need notarized consent from their parents or legal guardians for the application. The legal guardians or parents will also have to furnish some of their papers for proof of guardianship or relationship. 
  • Photographs: the passport application should be accompanied by 4 of the applicants’ latest passport photographs. Avoid sending in old ones since your application might get delayed if your features have changed. The specifications for passport-sized pictures are readily available on the passport website. 
  • Supporting Documents: Along with your identification, you will also be required to submit birth certificate copies, school certificates, IDs, bank statements (for proof of funds), utility bill copies, or any other latest government correspondence of the last three months.

These documents can vary based on the type of Irish citizenship. Some might have to furnish additional documents, while others may not. Irish citizens by birth require different documents from those who are Irish by adoption or marriage. 

Applicants would also need an eligible Irish witness to verify the authenticity of your identity and sign two out of four of the passport photographs. All the documents must accompany the application, and any errors might lead to disqualification. 

What are the Waiting Times?

The application processing can take quite a while, so it’s best to start early and give ample time for the validation and background and documentation check. You should apply at least two months before your travel dates. Some online forums have recommended submitting your passport application 3 months prior. 

Renewals take less time since the government already has the verified documents submitted previously. However, giving the process a month is best to ensure that everyone works out smoothly and you do not have to delay your travel plans. 


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