Business Leader Thomas Middelhoff Launches Middelhoff Consulting


Corporate consultant Thomas Middelhoff is the founder of multinational consulting company, Middelhoff Consulting. Middelhoff brings more than forty years of expertise to his clients. Under his guidance, prominent organizations such as Bertelsmann, AOL, and The New York Times were able to effectively move into the digital era, experience exponential revenue growth, and attain unprecedented levels of success. Middelhoff Consulting services are available to individual executives and corporations that want to see growth, increased productivity and improved performance for their company.

M & A Services by Middelhoff Consulting

The mergers and acquisitions advising services provided by Middelhoff Consulting are extensive. These services include assistance in locating viable investments, developing investment timing strategies, securing funding, structuring deals, negotiating terms of deals, and finalizing deals. Utilizing the more than four decades of expertise accumulated by Middelhoff Consulting’s founder, Thomas Middelhoff, Middelhoff Consulting may serve as your go-to resource for discovering and investigating potential acquisition targets.

Executive Coaching Services

For businesses searching for one-on-one or executive team coaching, Middelhoff Consulting offers executive coaching services. Thomas Middelhoff assists clients in achieving their objectives to perform better, remove obstacles, and accelerate performance. Middelhoff Consulting has a track record of success in assisting executives of all ranks to realize their full potential. Finding strengths and opportunities for development are both a part of executive coaching. Executives may look forward to setting objectives, tracking progress, and focusing on certain areas that might have impeded achieving the highest levels of success with the help of Middelhoff Consulting. To help people and teams achieve the highest possible levels of success, Middelhoff Consulting employs the most modern management techniques and leadership tactics.

Strategy Consulting Services

Corporations and large executive companies can avail themselves of strategy consulting services from Middelhoff Consulting. These services include such crucial issues as in-depth competitor analysis, company assessment, potential for digital optimization and determining strategic potential for the future. Middelhoff Consulting will work with you or your team to delve deep into market conditions in your industry, examining areas where there is potential to leverage opportunities to meet your business’ goals. With the services of Middelhoff Consulting, clients can gain insight into areas for growth and strategize ways for the company to reach its full potential.

Corporate Workshops

Middelhoff Consulting provides corporate training workshops that are tailored to the present state of your company. These workshops illustrate the digitization process with an emphasis on outcomes. An essential and significant component of these courses is a thorough evaluation of the technological proficiency of corporate executives. Thus, the majority of the session may be devoted to bridging technological gaps and describing the advantages of utilizing digital technology to assist development and enhance efficiency. Among the topics to be addressed are workflow automation methods and other digital solutions that will accelerate production within the organization.

About Thomas Middelhoff

During a career spanning over four decades, Thomas Middelhoff made a name for himself as a digital visionary everywhere he worked, including at the German media company Bertelsmann. He started his career as a manager at the company and later became a member of the board of directors. The company is headquartered in Munich. It is a multinational media corporation that owns a variety of print media, television and film. It also has a large interest in internet companies, such as AOL.

Middelhoff was a key figure in Bertelsmann’s expansion into the multi-media market. He also played a role in launching Bertelsmann’s joint venture, AOL Europe. This grew Bertelsmann’s equity to over $10 billion. It also led to Bertelsmann’s purchase of Random House Inc., a publisher of books in New York.

In 2005, Middelhoff became the chairman of the board of KarstadtQuelle AG. This company was later renamed to Arcandor AG. During his time at Arcandor, Middelhoff was responsible for boosting revenue by a third to 21 billion euros.

Thomas Middelhoff’s luminous career reached a highlight when he served for ten years as board member at The New York Times, brining the media giant into the digital age by heading the transformation from print to online.

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