Is QNET a Real Business?


There’s a lot of misinformation circulating about the direct selling industry. 

So for anyone who has asked, Is QNET a real business?: It’s important to understand that the company is a legitimate direct selling company with millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

The company is focused on providing great products and services that help people live better lives and take care of themselves and their families. Alongside, QNET also provides a business opportunity that lets aspiring entrepreneurs build a direct sales business of their own by promoting these products and services and earning commissions on product sales.    

For those who are still uncertain if QNET is a real business or scam, this article will better explain how it became one of Asia’s leading e-commerce-based direct selling companies.

The international direct selling company has a presence in more than 25 countries through branch offices, subsidiaries, agency partnerships, and franchisees. It offers products and services in various categories, including home care, health and wellness, personal care products, e-learning, and luxury products like watches and jewelry. QNET also markets attractive holiday products, all via the convenience of an e-commerce portal.  However, due to a lack of understanding of the industry, many people remain suspicious of the direct selling business. 

Setting the Record Straight About the Direct Selling Company

A lack of awareness and insufficiency of the legal framework in emerging economies makes it difficult for the general public to differentiate between scams, pyramid schemes, and legitimate companies. Is QNET a real business? Yes. It’s the real deal. However, it’s not a get-rich-quick option. “Success at the company takes hard work and consistent effort over a period of time,” stated CEO Malou Caluza. All of the top leaders with the direct selling company started with very little and built their businesses slowly over time. “It took them years to get where they are today,” Caluza added. “They are the company’s best ambassadors for the message that success takes hard work and consistent effort over a period of time.”

Individuals have misrepresented the company’s name and mission, which has caused QNET a lot of grief. After people were accused of taking money from others under the guise of helping them get out of Africa, journalist Kenneth Awotwe Darko investigated the rumors swirling around the direct selling company being a scam or pyramid scheme. “The further I dug, the more I realized that the company has good intentions and an interesting business model,” stated Darko. “But the actions of some individuals who may or may not fully understand the brand’s line of business are causing some misconceptions about the company.”

According to Caluza, to address this, the direct selling company focuses on awareness and education, utilizing social media campaigns, stakeholder engagement, events, training, and seminars to enlighten the general public about the contrast between illegal pyramid schemes and the legitimate direct selling business.

People Want To Know: Is QNET a Real Business? 

How did Darko grasp that QNET is a real business? In 2022, the journalist traveled to the company’s annual global V-Malaysia conference. He stated, “The first realization I had from my five-day trip was that unlike Ponzi or get-rich-quick schemes that usually last for a short time and disappear, [the direct selling company] has actually been in existence for 24 years and growing stronger.”

Darko added, “I saw some of the products and had interactions with key officers of the company as they explained in detail the features of the products and key truths about [the company’s] business model.” The reporter confirmed that the company adheres to international best practices. It’s a member of the Direct Selling Association in multiple countries. It’s also a member of the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore and the Hong Kong Health Food Association. “I saw pictures and evidence of the plethora of life-changing inventions and projects the company is implementing across the world, including Africa,” stated Darko.

To combat rumors and falsehoods, the company launched the Mama Campaign in 2022. It’s a marketing initiative intended to help the public recognize the difference between law-abiding direct selling businesses and the improper actions of fraudulent people. Biram Fall, regional manager for sub-Saharan Africa, stated that the company “does not condone illegal gathering, migration, or unethical marketing practices.”

He explained that the company is “in collaboration with some governmental agencies in markets where we operate to identify and clamp down on these people and their negative activities.”

Fall continued, “If any independent representative is found to be culpable in a case of unethical marketing, they are punished or terminated from the company’s record. And in some cases, they are handed over to security agencies for the law to take its course.”

The direct selling company, established in 1998, is a lucrative opportunity for motivated individuals to become their own bosses and network with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Alishpayeva Armanovna learned about the company when she was dissatisfied working in a restaurant. “I wanted to become financially independent, and to be honest, I was tired of working in a traditional job. I wanted something of my own, but alas, I did not have much money. And I wanted to help my family as much as possible, and I wanted to make sure that my loved ones did not need anything that I couldn’t give them,” stated Armanovna. “I highly encourage my team to get to know the company and get the right information about the direct selling industry. This will only benefit them and show them why they need to be a part of QNET.”


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