‘Jcards’ cards against humanity Haiku Rules

If you’re considering buying a deck of cards for ‘Jcards’ cards against humanity, it’s important to know the rules. There are some tricky rules in the game, including the ‘draw two, pick three’ rule and the haiku rule. The ‘Everything Box’ expansion kit also comes with rules for writing haikus. Game rules The game rules […]

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What Is XResolver? Best Alternatives

XResolver is a website that lists public information and has over 20 million entries. The large number of entries makes it very easy for criminals to use the information to commit crimes. Because xResolver has such a large database, it is crucial that you follow the site’s guidelines to avoid misuse of the data. For […]

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KBH FNF: Is Funkin Friday Game Free?

KBH FNF is a free rhythm game that is available on PC, MAC, Android, Chromebooks, and Xbox One. It includes a free and hard game modes and a story mode. The game also features Psych Engine, a tool that allows players to create custom content without having to write code. Open-Source Rhythm Game Friday Night […]

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Electric Skateboard

Can fat people skateboard? Electric Skateboard

For so many decades the conventional wisdom was that a fat person couldn’t skateboard. But that’s changed recently with the advent of the Fat Skater. This post explains why overweight people can skateboard and what it takes to get started. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of fat people doing incredible things, like skating, snowboarding, […]

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